A Failed Attempt

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A swindler tried to have a piece of land transferred to his name without paying a single cent.

A Failed Attempt

In a certain town there was this business man who thought he could easily swindle nearly five acres of land from an illiterate man. The greedy, ruthless, and tyrannical Gua Lao persuaded an old man to steal the wife’s land title. Both of them went to the district office and told the chief clerk to change the name of the owner to Gua Lao’s name. The chief clerk took that land title and notised it did not belong to that old fellow. It belonged to his wife. So he said in order to have the ownership changed to Gua Lao’s name, that old lady must be present to put her thumb print on that land title.
Both men went to look for the old lady and brought her in front of the chief clerk. She said the money must be handed to her before she put her thumb print on that paper. Gou Lau was not able to produce the cash. The old lady made it very clear in Chinese: One hand money; one hand land title.
So the transaction did not go through because according to the verbal agreement between that old man and Gua Lau was that after the land title had been changed to Gua Lao’s name, the old man would receive an installment from Gua Lao every month. That verbal agreement was legal in that country at that moment.
The old couple went home but they were interested to sell that parcel of land. So they went to see the richest man on the island. That rich man turned them down because he had enough land of his own. So he promised to help look for another buyer who would be able to produce the cash. This buyer was only a vegetable seller in the local market. But he had the cash. So he bought it.
That jealous Gua Lao then was running round the town making up stories about how a person bought a piece of land below the market price.
I hope my article can shed some light for you to see what is going on around you. There are people who will be wearing various disguises to cheat you. Some people may say we should leave all these to the police department. But what would happen if these thugs have brothers and sisters working in the police department?


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