A Feast for Chichevache, Chapter Five

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"Alan, I think you're the one that's afraid. I'm positive there's an evil presence here at Chichevache farm. It's been watching over us from the moment we arrived."

The Key

Suddenly, she jumped in horror, to find someone leaning over her. The brilliant rays of afternoon sunlight made it hard for her to see.
"It's aright. You were having a nightmare. Thankfully, it's over now."
It was Alan. He poured out two cups of coffee and handed her one. He then brought over a large plate of assorted biscuits.
"Please help yourself, Kate."
"Alan, do you love me?" She asked, solemnly.
"Very dearly. That's why I married you, remember?" He reached out and snatched a biscuit.
"Oh, you must try this one. It's filled with pink almond cream." He took a bite and allowed it to melt in his mouth.
"Mmmm...delicious." His eyes closed in ecstacy.
"You think you're really smart, don't you?" She said - very annoyed.
"I don't know what you mean, Kate. Oh, your coffee's cold."
"Stop trying to change the subject!"
"I'm not!" Replied Alan, sharply. "Why are you acting so oddly?"
"Oh, that's really fine, coming from a cold fish like you!"
"Alright, spit it out. Say what you have to say; come on."
"Alan, I think you're the one that's afraid. I'm positive there's an evil presence here at Chichevache farm. It's been watching over us from the moment we arrived. You're so frightened, you won't admit it."
"Have you finished your lecture?" Said Alan, sipping his coffee.
"No. Where did you disappear to, last night?"

The Key

"First finish off your coffee, like a good girl, and then I will explain everything."
"I've heard that one before."
"I mean it!" His face hardened.
She drained the coffee down her dry throat and they made their way outside. Kate stopped at the door and pointed downwards.
"Look," She said, sounding like a headmistress, scolding a guilty child, "Hoof prints."
Alan shrugged.
"It was probably some wild animal. They're quite common on farms you know! Look Kate, you have to change your thinking. It's ruining your health. Come on. Let's get some fresh air to ease your nerves."
as they strolled by the lake, Kate's eyes flared at a small, grey animal, spread out, facing downwards on the ground, beside a tree. She ran ahead to examine it.
"Quick, Alan! It may be injured!"
"It's not moving. Perhaps it's hibernating." She lifted a nearby twig and carefully turned it aside. Kate let out a terrified scream at the sight before her. There it lay - a defunct squirrel with socketless eyes. The blood was still trickling out the sides.
"Come on. There's nothing we can do now."
"No, wait." Kate noticed the same green substance from the incident at the barn. It was around the squirrel's neck, barely visible. As she bent down for a closer inspection, there was the same stench.
"Surely you're not going to tell me that thisis paint, Alan."
He shrugged. She gave a defiant sigh and sat down on a crusted tree stump.
"Maybe I ought to drown mself. If I had known that we would be spending our honeymoon in this creepy farm, then I would never have married you."
"Surely you can't mean that. Why can't you try seeing things from my side for a moment? I had no choice!"
"Alright, I'll accept that. Maybe your father wanted it this way, but then, why are you so distant? We can't even communicate like a normal couple!"
It was 9 p.m. The clouds were gathering, preparing for another rainspell. There were soft ripples pushing their way through the water. As Kate stood up, the key, hidden in her blouse, fell out...


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