A Feast for Chichevache, Chapter Four

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Alan left the room in a huff, slamming the door on his way out. Now was her chance. She had to avail herself this opportunity.

The Mask

The following afternoon, Kate felt a cold hand on her forehead. She opened her eyes reluctantly.
"I'm alright. I don't need a doctor."
"I know," said Alan. "Im just checking yor temperature."
"Perhaps we ought to look inside the barn," said Kate, meaningfully.
"No!" Shouted Alan. "Don't eversay that again. It's strictly prohibited!"
Alan left the room in a huff, slamming the door on his way out. Now was her chance. She had to avail herself this opportunity. A pair of wellington boots lay in the corner of the room. She pulled them on and slipped quietly out of the farmhouse.
Outside, she could see Alan lifting stacks of hay with a rake and placing them in large, black bags.. Kate looked up at the grey clouds. Pittering drops of cold rain landed on her face. Along the way, she discovered the foal, strolling restlessly, searching for its mother. The remaining animals which she had seen earlier, were nowhere in sight.
"Where were they?" Lost in thought, Kate took a step backwards - as if to retreat - but she stumbled and fell down nervously.
"Darn. Well, at least I'm dressed for the part." As she stood up to brush the dirt stains off her jeans, Kate's eyes cuaght sight of a long, metallic object, partially covered with damp soil and leaves. She wiped it clean with her bare hands and examined it carefully. Her face lit up as it dawned on her that it might possibly be the key to the barn. She quickly hid it under her blouse. Suddenly, thunder roared, lightening flashed and heavy rain burst down, thick and fast. Kate ran as fast as her feet could carry her, back to the farmhouse.

The Mask

Inside, there was a note lying on the couch. She lifted it close to her face and read it out quietly.
"Stay indoors and rest. I'll be back in the morning. You must take care of yourself. I've left some food on the dining table. With love, Alan."
Kate tore the note in a state of confused anger. She couldn't understand why Alan was acting so strangely. His tendancy to disappear and reappear, made her feel very insecure. For a moment, time stood still as she wondered what to do next. She finally decided to fix herself a glass of cold milk, coupled with the sandwich Alan had left for her.
"There's not even any proper food in this creepy place."
As Kate searched around, she failed to notice a long, sleek shadow glide past the kitchen window. But she did hear heavy footsteps. At first, she was inclined to pull open the door, but she resisted. Her sixth sense warned her that she wasn't prepared for it. But, as she finished off her bread and milk, she had a sudden change of mind and flung open the door.
The rain had settled, but there was nobody in sight. She tiptoed, barefoot, out onto the damp soil. Suddenly, she froze in shock at the sight of large hoof-prints before her. Kate realised her nightmares had now turned into reality. Could they have belonged to the owner of that haunting shriek? She also noticed that they formed a trail which ended right outside the barn door.
Kate felt a shudder from head to toe and returned quickly indoors, bolting the door. She could hear her heart beating faster and faster. Her head started spinning until she fell on the floor and fainted.
In a state of semiconsciousness, Kate felt a scaly hand brush her neck. Slowly, she turned to find a crouching masked figure.
"I'm going to eat you alive! Ccchhhiiccchhheeevvvaaaccchhheee!"


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