A Feast for Chichevache, Chapter Six

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"I believe that there's some kind of large creature lurking inside that barn. I also suspect it has a hold over you. That's why you keep it hidden away. Am I right?"

The Feast

Alan instinctively reached out and tried to grab it, but Kate put her right foot over it.
"Don't be foolish, Kate. Move aside. That key belongs to me."
"No. Not until you explain everything."
"How many times do I have to say it? There is nothingto explain!" He moved closer to her.
"Alright, then let me tell you myversion, Her voice grew very shaky as she spoke.
"I believe that there's some kind of large creature lurking inside that barn. I also suspect it has a hold over you. That's why you keep it hidden away. Am I right?"
Alan laughed, nervously - his eyes still focused on her foot. She continued.
"Perhaps, it's more that just a creature. It's the monster that appeared in my dream - or should I say, nightmare. Do you know, it actually spoke and warned me that it would eat me alive?"
"I've heard enough of your silly story." Said Alan.
"Alright. Where do you suppose the farm animals are? Let me answer for you, Alan. You were feeding them to that pet monster of yours. That explains why you kept slipping quietly away. And what do you suppose that green stuff was, on that poor squirrel?"
"Enlighten me." He replied.
"I'll try. Perhaps, it was the monster's excreted saliva."
"Saliva isn't green!"
"I agree, Alan, but supposing it's biologically different. An alien."

The Feast

As if in reply, the same chilling cry echoed out, loudly. Kate knelt down and quickly clutched the keys as Alan turned at the sound.
"This is the key to the barn, Alan. Help me to destroy it."
"Oh my God!" His face lit up, like a philosopher, as he gazed up at the dark sky. "It's all making sense now; or is it?"
"I don't understand what you're saying, Alan."
"You have to trust me, Kate. If we try and unlock that barn, we'll not only be risking our lives, but also our very souls."
"Maybe. But if we leave it there, it may reproduce and..."
"I've just realised something. The farm was named after it. My father also wanted it destroyed but the monster beat him to it. He was literally torn, limb from limb..."
Alan's eyes filled with tears. Kate wasn't sure whether to feel sorry or be sympathetic towards him.
"Do you mean, your father was killed by...Chichevache?"
"Now I'm positive! Hand over the key. There's no time to waste."
"Right." She gave the key to him and they made their way to the barn.
"Alan, shouldn't we have a gun or some weapons, so that we can kill it?"
"Don't worry, there's plenty of sharp tools and instruments lying about this place."
Upon reaching the barn door, they could clearly hear shuffling sounds coming from inside.
"You see that pitchfork? Go and get it, without making a sound." Whispered Alan.

The Feast

Kate ran ahead, on her toes and returned promptly. In her mind, she knew that this was to be the final act of supreme terror. The tension, which had been rising, until now - her third day at Chichevache Farm - was reaching its peak.
She felt her flesh creep at the thought of what lurked behind the door. Then, Alan handed the key back to her.
"Why did you hand it back?" She asked, in confusion.
"I've just realised: only you have the right to open it."
Kate slipped the rusted key quietly into the lock. She felther mouth go dry as she turned it. When it clicked open, she moved back, quickly.
"What now, Alan?"
"Now, this!" He flung open the door and pushed her inside with all his force. Then, he slammed the door shut and locked it.
"Let me out! Let me out, Alan! Please!"
"Did you really think that I would endanger my soul for you?"
"It's coming towards me, Alan! Please, let me out, I beg you!"
"It's too late now, Mrs Stone. Goodbye."
The same shriek sounded out, triumphantly, followed by a delicate sound of crunching bones...


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