A Feast for Chichevache, Chapter Three

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As for the name, 'Chichevache' I'm just as ignorant about that as you are. I do know that it derives from France," He quipped. "Any more questions, Mrs Stone?"

The Shadow

"That's the sound I heard, Alan. What was it?"
"It's just a wild rook of some kind. You needn't worry though. It probably lives on the opposite side of the lake. Any other weird notions, Kate?"
She stared hard at him.
"You needn't look at me with that disbelieving look on your face, Alan. I'm not on the brink of neurosis, nor am I weird in my 'notions', as you call them."
"Hey, hey, hey! We're supposed to be newly-weds on our honeymoon, remember?"
"You call this a honeymoon?" Her voice grew shakey.
He pinched her left cheec in good vein. Kate gave a lifeless shrug and smiled apologetically. Perhaps she was being too cautious. She sighed.
"Let's throw pebbles in the lake. Then you can explain about the barn."
"There is nothing to explain, Kate. It's just a boring old house, filled with stacks of hay!"
"Then why were you so angry with me this morning? More importantly, where were you?"
"I was just out, checking the place. I dohave a right to be here you know."
His face tightened.
"I have reasons to believe you suspect me, Kate."
"I'm sorry. It's just this place; it frightens me. It's so quiet and barren. As far as I know, the only neighbours we have are dead ones. Remember the graveyard on the route here? I feel so lonely, Alan. I'm not settling in too well, am I!"

The Shadow

"Come on, Kate - the lake."
The lake sat silently, glistening as the sun was swallowed in by dark, moody clouds. Then, it reappeared, displaying all its brilliance. Kate emerged from behind a tall tree, followed by Alan.
"What?" He said, flinging a small pebble into the lake. It skimmed through the water twice.
"How on earth did you come across a name like 'Chichevache'? Did it belong to some apache?"
He smiled at her childlike manner.
"This farm once belonged to my father. I inherited it through his will."
"Naturally - otherwise we would be spending our honeymoon elsewhere. While we were celebrating at that party, my father was counting his dying breath and, before I knew it, I received the tragic news. That, Mrs Stone, is the reason why we had to cut short our proper honeymoon and arrive here straight away. As for the name, 'Chichevache' I'm just as ignorant about that as you are. I do know that it derives from France," He quipped. "Any more questions, Mrs Stone?"
She managed a smile and he said,
"It's getting pretty late. I think we'd better return to the farmhouse."
The night was hot and sticky. Kate felt uneasy as the deathly silence surrounding her.
"Alan, are you awake?" She whispered.
"Please try and sleep, Kate. Good girl," He replied in his sleep.

The Shadow

"I'm thirsty. She whispered in frustration. Just then, she heard the same inhuman scream. In fact, it was more like a shriek. This time, it was even louder and was accompanied by continuous moans, like someone in great pain. She felt her flesh creep and her body temperature drop. The fine hairs on her arms, stood up and her face turned pale.
Turning to Alan for help, she found it impossible to utter a sound; her mouth was dry. There was practically no escape. Kate felt her eyelids turn heavy and her body began to sink lower down beneath the bedsheets, forcing her to sleep the remaining night hours away. Outside, the moonlight fell over the barn, where an inhuman shadow turned restlessly...


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Scary indeed.Lovely descriptions.

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