A Feast for Chichevache, Chapter Two

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I get the impression that this place has been unlived in for quite a few years." Said Kate.

The Shriek

It was Alan.
"You must neverapproach this barn without consulting me first!"
"My dress is caught. I can't move. Help me, Alan." She spoke softly to avoid his wrath. Alan's face melted in sympathy. He caugh hold of the garment and pulled it out with a forceful jerk. Kate let out a scream filled with terror - for it was drenched in a stinking, green substance. Her eyes turned to Alan's in confusion.
"Take another look, Kate, and a good hard one at that. Can you not see? It's paint!"
But Kate was not convinced. She was puzzled by his distant manner, but she thrust her fears firmly to the back of her mind. As they walked back to the farmhouse, Kate could sense some kind of evil presence. Her head turned back nervously, for a split second, to catch a glimpse of the barn.
Inside, Alan poured himself a brandy as Kate sat shivering at the dining table.
"Are you feeling alright? He Asjed.
"Never mind about me. Where wereyou, Alan? I heard this terrifying sound. It came from that barn!"
"Look, let me fix up a hot meal first, then I'll explain everything." He scratched his chin thoughtfully.
"How about two spicy omelettes with Chichevache sauce, followed by a hot cup of coffee?"
"Sounds delicious." She replied, solemnly.

The Shriek

After the meal, Alan turned to the clock and said,
"Come on. It's time I showed you around the farm."
As the couple strolled around the farm, which was several acres wide, it became apparant to Kate that there was very little to see. The land was barren and contained no crop or vegetation. The trees stooped downwards with their roots torn and twisted by erosion. Even the few animals that moved around freely, appeared rather miserable and dejected, which gave the place an overall abandoned look.
I get the impression that this place has been unlived in for quite a few years." Said Kate.
"My father owned the place. He didn't live here."
She was about to reply, when, all of a sudden, the chilling shriek rang out again. It seemed to be echoing from all directions. This time, Alan heard it aswell. She turned to him, in horror...


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The omelette was a pleasant distraction, but then, another...

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