A Fire Burning in My Heart

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Man is born with a particular aptitude or passion. But in the midst of the realities he finds himself, he often does not often have the respite or freedom to harness it in life and find emotional and personal fulfilment.

A Fire Burning in My Heart

There’s a fire
burning in my heart;
the fire of an irresistible desire
to spurn and ignore
my declining years and do something
something marvellous;
before I go for the long sleep.

The all-engulfing bondage
of a job that I need to be in
to earn my humble pie
keeps me from transforming
the fire into a conflagration.

Oh the fire of my creative passion!
When will the slavery
for my ignominious bread end?
Will my hour of glory ever come?
When will the incarcerated poet
in me be set free to scribble
the innumerable poems that crowd his mind?
When will hosts of swaying flowers
blossom in his garden?
When will it murmur
with humming bees?
When? Oh when will the artist
capture the breathtaking beauty
of the world around him?
When will the skylark fly high
and sing its song?

The fire well-tamed
for the last thirty years
has remained inextinguishable.
Vainly has the slavery
tried to snuff it out.
Although tamed, the fire
has taken its toll however.
It has burned my sleep to ashes
in revenge.
Oh slavery! Impound it not any longer.
Free it. Let it burn brilliantly!



Aptitude, Fire, Freedom, Glory, Knack, Passion, Predestination, Slavery

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author avatar Aziz Haq
A civil servant by profession, I endeavour to express through my writings how I view life.
Human sufferings, the transient nature of life and profound love for the world are my dominant themes.

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