A Foolish Mistake is All it Takes.

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At times we make foolish mistakes without thinking of the consequences they can have. When the consequences are grave ones, we feel lost, adrift and deeply sorry for what we did, but by then it is too late, for the deed is done and there is no turning back time. Even the most innocent mistakes can be costly to us.

Shattered World.

A world shattered in an instance,
To turn back there was no chance,
Life as it was known was gone,
All there was hope for was gone.

Realization dawned quickly,
Denial was not likely,
Just a simple mistake,
To end a bright future all it would take.

A foolish act done without thinking,
Now a world is sinking,
A moment of fleeing reason,
An innocent flaw by a person.

Like a Kite.

Now fear starts to sink its claws,
A cryptic message meant to give pause,
A warning perhaps,
But enough to let uncertainty split a world in half.

Floating in limbo a person is,
A drift like a kite in the winds,
Fearing each ticking second will be the last,
Dreading the worse to come to pass.

Foolish mistakes will never be repeated,
Now it is too late to feel jaded,
What is done is done,
Now is not the time to lament and moan.

What's left?

We shouldn’t do a crime,
If we can’t do the time,
Yet human we are,
Avoiding mistakes is for many very hard.

Innocent; or guilty,
The decision of the jury,
Was the threat truly carried out?
Or was it to deliver fear and doubt?

Of a foolish act the person is innocent,
Yet for less than that many have not been seen so innocent,
What is the poor person to do?
Wait and pray that’s what’s left to do.


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author avatar Jenny Heart
30th Jan 2015 (#)

This message is very true. I know someone that said something to her sister in the heat of anger and now she is ate up with regrets. I say we all make mistakes and forgive often cause life is short

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author avatar GenkiWorld
30th Jan 2015 (#)

so true, those little mistakes could eat us alive if we don't mend them. thank you!

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author avatar Utah Jay
30th Jan 2015 (#)

I know I am guilty...Well said.

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author avatar GenkiWorld
30th Jan 2015 (#)

thank you, i think we are guilty of a few of those in our life time.

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author avatar Carol
30th Jan 2015 (#)

We all make mistakes, great poem.

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author avatar viewgreen
30th Jan 2015 (#)

Sure, A foolish mistake is a natural habit for humans. Awesome poem and thank you for sharing this madam.

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author avatar spirited
30th Jan 2015 (#)

I have always been afraid of making a foolish mistake, or even just a careless one.

Once we go down a certain path, it is hard to turn back, almost impossible in fact.

One dive into shallow water, and a broken neck results, shooting up with a drug for kicks and an addiction is started, which will affect our lives forever.

Poignantly written GenkiWorld.

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author avatar Carol Roach
31st Jan 2015 (#)

Your work is so poet and real at the same time I love your poetry

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author avatar whatistheworld
26th Feb 2015 (#)

Maybe I would care more about why people make mistakes?Have you thought this question?

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