A Fresh Start: A Zack & Kendall (Zendall) Romance

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Zack and Kendall Slater are bored with Pine Valley life and shock family and friends when they announce their plans to leave Pine Valley to sail around the world.


Zack and Kendall Slater are bored with Pine Valley life and shock family and friends when they announce their plans to leave Pine Valley to sail around the world. As Pine Valley citizens bid them farewell on their new adventure, what will Zack and Kendall encounter on their journey? And will they ever come back to Pine Valley? And will Ryan allow Spike to join them?

In other news, Ryan and Greenlee are set to marry, but an unexpected tragedy befalls the nuptials. Will Ryan and Greenlee (Rylee) ever make it down the aisle?


Zack Slater aka Alexander Cambias Jr. – Thorsten Kaye

Kendall Hart Slater – Alicia Minshew

Spike Lavery –

Ian Slater –

Ryan Lavery – Cameron Mathison

Greenlee Smythe – Rebecca Budig

Bianca Montgomery – Eden Riegel

Reese Williams – Tamara Braun

Erica Kane – Susan Lucci

Leo du Pres – Josh Duhamel

Chapter 1

Zack was leading a blindfolded, and impatient Kendall to her surprise. She could hear the rippling of water and wondered what Zack was up to. She was shocked and surprised when Zack finally took off the blindfold to unveil a yacht.

“Oh Zack, a yacht!” Kendall said happily.

“Happy anniversary.” Zack said with a kiss.

“But why a yacht?” she asked him confused.

“I want to sail the world with you and the kids.” Zack revealed.

“You mean, leave Pine Valley?”

“Yes. I’m getting bored here.” Zack told her. “The day-to-day grind running the casino. I need a change.”

Kendall thought about all that had happened the last few years and she agreed with her husband. After thinking she had lost him and to have him come back was all that Kendall needed.

“Oh, yes, Zack. I will sail with you.” Kendall happily agreed.

“Then we leave in the morning.”

“In the morning?” Kendall asked. “But we need to pack.”

“No worry. I had it all arranged. No need for you to do anything. Except tell your family and Ryan the news.”

“Ryan?” Kendall said worried. “We’ll want Spike to go with us. I wonder how he’ll take the news?”

“I’m hoping he’ll see it as an opportunity for Spike to learn about the world on this adventure.” Zack told her.

“I hope you’re right.” Kendall said as she kissed him before heading to tell her family.
“See you later. Hurry back!” Zack yelled after his wife.

Kendall’s first stop was Ryan Lavery’s to tell him about her plans with Zack. She hoped Zack was right and Ryan would agree to let Spike to go with them.

“Kendall?” Greenlee asked as she answered Ryan’s door.

“Greenlee, can I have a word with Ryan?”

“Yes, Kendall. I’ll go get him.”

Greenlee came back after telling Ryan that Kendall was here to see him.

“He’ll be down in a few.” Greenlee told Kendall who had made herself at home on Ryan’s sofa.

“Is that what I think it is?” Kendall said, spying the huge diamond on Greenlee’s third finger.

“Oh, this old thing?” Greenlee joked. “Yes. Ryan proposed last night.”

“So--------“ Kendall said, not wanting to be held in suspense.

“I said yes.”

“Oh, congratulations.” Kendall said as she hugged her best friend.

“Am I interrupting something?” Ryan said, interrupting the two women.

“I just told Kendall about our engagement.” Greenlee told Ryan.

“So, what did you need to talk about, Kendall?” Ryan asked.

“Zack and I have plans of our own.” Kendall began.

“And what does that have to do with me?” Ryan asked.

“We’re leaving Pine Valley.” Kendall said, springing her news on the newly engaged couple. “And we want Spike to go with us.”

“I see. But if Spike goes with you and Zack, he won’t be here for my wedding?”

“I know and I’m sorry.” Kendall said.

“I wanted my son to be my best man.” Ryan said sadly. “I’m afraid I can’t allow Spike to go.”

“Please, Ryan. It would be such a learning experience for Spike?” Kendall pleaded.

“Well, I’ll need to think about it.” Ryan told Kendall.

“Well, hurry quick. Zack wants to leave like yesterday.”

Ryan was reeling with Kendall’s news to take Spike away from Pine Valley just as he was about to get married to Greenlee. He couldn’t believe how selfish Kendall could be during this time in his life. There was no way he was going to let Spike go with Kendall and Zack at this time. Kendall would just have to see that.

Kendall let Ryan think about the news she had just left him with and wished Ryan would see things her way. But for now, Kendall headed over to Erica’s to tell her the news.

“Mother, I have some news to tell you.” Kendall sprang on Erica as she opened the door.

“What is it, Kendall?” Erica said in tears, after Jack had just informed her their engagement was over.

“Mother, I’m sorry to do this, but Zack, the kids and I are leaving Pine Valley.” Kendall told an already grief-stricken Erica.

“So, what else could go wrong?” Erica bawled. “First, Jack ends our engagement and now my oldest daughter is leaving Pine Valley!”

“Oh, mother, I’m so sorry to spring this on you, but Zack and I need to get away from Pine Valley.”

“What’s this I hear?” Bianca said, interrupting Kendall and Erica’s discussion. “You’re leaving Pine Valley?”

“Bianca, I’m so glad you’re here.” Kendall said. “I was just telling our mother that Zack, the kids and I are leaving Pine Valley to sail the world.”

“Sail the world?” Bianca asked surprised.

“Yes, Zack purchased a yacht for us and wants to leave immediately.” Kendall told them.

“Well, I hope you have fun.” Bianca said happy for her sister.

“Well, at least you’re still here.” Erica said to Bianca.

“Yes, mother. I’m not going anywhere.” Bianca told Erica. “Reese is busy with designing the new hospital wing.”

“Oh, she got the job!” Kendall said happily.

“Yes! She did.”

“Well, I need to get back and help Zack.” Kendall said as she bid Erica and Bianca adieu.

As Kendall headed back, she had no idea the trouble she’d be having getting Ryan to let Spike go with them.

Chapter 2

Greenlee was heading out to the Glamourama to have Opal do her hair for her big day. But when she failed to show for her appointment, a frantic Opal called Ryan on his cell when Greenlee failed to show up for her appointment.

“Ryan, Greenlee didn’t show up for her hair appointment?” Opal said frantic with worry.

“She left hours ago. She called me from home to tell me she was on her way.” Ryan grew concerned.

“She was supposed to be here an hour ago!” Opal said worried.

“I’ll get to the bottom of this.” Ryan told her, feeling hopeful. “She’s probably just got cold feet.”

As Ryan searched for a missing Greenlee, Kendall was busy packing for her and Zack’s adventure sailing the world. She was still waiting word from Ryan to take Spike with them, but he never got back to her. She dialed Ryan’s cell to find out his answer.

“Ryan, have you thought about my request?” Kendall asked a worried Ryan.

“Kendall, I haven’t had time to think about it.” Ryan told her. “Greenlee’s missing!”

“What?!” a shocked Kendall asked.

“Yeah, Opal called me an hour ago to tell me she never showed up for her appointment at the Glamourama!”

“Wow! That’s not like Greenlee? She was so excited to marry you!” Kendall said.

“She couldn’t wait to be your wife.”

“Well, I can’t think about that now!” Ryan said.

“Zack and I are set to leave.” Kendall pressed him.

“I want Spike here for the wedding!” Ryan said. “And he can’t do that if you and Zack take him away!”

“What if we face time the wedding for Spike to watch from the yacht?” Kendall suggested.

“Really, Kendall?” Ryan quizzed her. “You really think I want my son watching me get married by video chat?”

“It’s the only way!” Kendall continued to pressured him.

“I don’t have time for this! I need to find my bride-to-be!” Ryan said, ending their call.
As Ryan continued his search for Greenlee, Kendall wondered what she would tell Zack about Spike.

Meanwhile, a bound and gagged Greenlee woke up in a princess-style bedroom wondering where she was. All she could think about was getting back to Ryan and their wedding, as she finally managed to break free of the ropes that had her bind.

Just as she was about to make her escape through the window, she was pulled back by her captor……..Leo Du Pres!!!!!

Chapter 3

“Let me go!” Greenlee yelled as she turned around coming face to face with Leo Du Pres.

“Greenlee, don’t go! I didn’t have you kidnapped just so you could go back to him!”

“Leo, y-y-you’re alive?”

“Yes, Greenlee. It took months to get back to you, but I made it. Back to you.”

“Before I married Ryan?”

“Do you really love him?”

“Yes? No?” Greenlee said confused by Leo’s sudden reappearance. “I don’t know?”
“Did our love mean anything to you?”

“Leo, I thought you were dead?”

Meanwhile, Ryan knocked on Kendall’s door to find out if she knew where Greenlee was.

“Ryan? I thought you and Greenlee were married by now?” Kendall asked confused when he showed up.

“No. Greenlee didn’t make it to the church?”

“That’s odd? She was so happy to be starting a life with you?”

“You don’t happen to know where she is?”

“No. Last thing I knew she was getting a good night’s sleep for the big day.”

“So, she didn’t say anything to you?”

“Ryan, Greenlee wanted to marry you.” Kendall tried to reassure him.

“So, then I guess I should have gave PVPD a missing person alert?”

“Yeah. I don’t think Greenlee left on her own.”

“Well, I guess I better head to the cop shop.”

“Ryan, before you go, I want to ask you a favor?”


“Zack and I are leaving to sail the world and we want Spike to come with us.”

“Yes. Kendall you have my approval to take Spike on the cruise.”

“Thank you, Ryan. I was wo-“ Kendall began but Ryan interjected.

“Hey, I want Spike to have lots of adventures and what better way than a cruise around the world.”

“You’re a great father, Ryan.”

“Well, have a great vacation, you, Zack and the boys.” Ryan said before he was off to the police station to put in a missing person report on his bride-to-be.

Chapter 4

Zack arrived home with essentials needed for the cruise to a happy Kendall, who kissed him when he walked through the door.

“Wow! What’s that for?” Zack asked his wife.

“I’m just happy is all.”

“Well, I’m glad.”

“This cruise with the boys is what we need.” Kendall began. “But I worry about Ryan.”

“Oh? Wasn’t he supposed to marry Greenlee today?”

“Yes. But Greenlee never showed up at the church?”

“And she was excited to marry Ryan?”

“Yes. Which is why I don’t think she left on her own?”

“You want to stay?”

“No. I’m sure Ryan will find out what happened,” Kendall told him. “And we need this trip.”

“So, we’re going!” Zack said as he packed everything into the car as Kendall grabbed the boys.

The Slater family had got into their yacht and began their sailing adventure. Spike took to fishing almost every day. Spike even tried to get his little brother, Ian, to fish, the two-year-old tyke was more interested in coloring in his coloring books.

After 2 days of sailing, the Slaters docked in Morocco, Africa, but they were expecting the surprise visitor when they dined at a Moroccan restaurant!

Chapter 5

“Everything looks great!” Zack said as he picked up a menu and scanned the food items.

“I’ll say.” Kendall agreed. “Whatever will I choose?”

But out of the corner of Zack’s eye, he spied a young gentleman sitting in the far corner of the restaurant. He was even more shocked when he saw who joined him after coming out of the restroom.

“Greenlee!” Zack exclaimed.

“Zack, Greenlee’s back in Pine Valley?”

“No, she’s here!” Zack said, pointing his finger behind Kendall.

“What?!” Kendall exclaimed, looking behind her to find her with Leo Du Pres. “OMG! It is her!”

“Who’s the gentleman she’s with?” Zack questioned.

“It’s Leo Du Pres!” Kendall replied. “I thought he was dead?”

“Apparently not!”

“Well, I’m going over there to give Greenlee a piece of my mind for standing Ryan up at the altar!” Kendall said angrily.

As Kendall walked over to Leo and Greenlee’s table, Leo stood up to greet her.

“Kendall, fancy seeing you in Morocco!”

“Yea, Leo, you too! Considering I thought you were dead?”

“Well, it’s a long story—“ Leo began before Kendall cut him off short.

“And Greenlee…how could you do this to Ryan?!”

“Kendall, it’s not what you think?” Greenlee defended herself.

“Yea! Ryan is worried sick about you looking for you! Wondering why you dissed him at the altar!”

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t come on my own. Leo had me kidnapped before the wedding. I knew nothing about Leo’s reappearance until he revealed himself to me when I tried to escape to get back to Ryan.”

“Oh. I’m sorry. I should’ve had more faith in you, Greenlee.” Kendall apologized.
“It’s okay.”

“So, should I tell Ryan you’re okay?”

“No. I’ll tell him. I don’t know what…but I’ll tell him.”

“Okay. Well, I guess I’ll mosey on over back to my table and stop being so nosy.”

“Nice seeing you Kendall.” Leo said.

Kendall headed back to her table to join Zack and the boys while Greenlee enjoyed dinner with Leo, wondering how she was going to tell Ryan about Leo?

Meanwhile, back in Pine Valley, Ryan told his story to the Jesse Hubbard about Greenlee’s disappearance, who put in an APB and began a search for her.

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