A Friend In Need

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Blazer has a low esteem moment at school which only his best friend can help.

Cheer Up Blazer!

Gym class ended for the day when the coach blew his whistle. "Alright boys," he yelled waving his furry muscular arm "hit the showers." The boys ran off the track and across the blacktop to the locker room. But Blazer was walking slowly on the track. He was the last one to finish the weekly mile run. He was the best swimmer and soccer player in the school but he was the slowest boy. Blazer hated running, his usually clean white fur was covered in sweat and dust. He was breathing hard.

Blazer never understood why the school placed so much emphasis on running. "All it does is make you sweaty, breath hard and tired." he told Big bro once. Big bro was the fastest boy in school, something he never let his little brother forget. Whenever Blazer complained about running, Big Bro just ignored him.

Blazer walked slowly across the blacktop, passing an empty classroom. He stopped to look at his reflection in a dirty window. Blazer sighed putting his head on the window. "No different now than the day before or the day before that." he said. He started to cry.

Benny walked out of her aerobics class wearing a bikini top and shorts. (yes, this is the gym uniform for girls at this school). She saw her friend standing at the window and crying. Benny took a drink from her water bottle then quietly walked over to him. "Hi Blazer," she said placing her hand gently on his shoulder "What's wrong?" she asked with concern.

Blazer just lifted his head and looked a t Benny's reflection in the window. "Look at me," he said sniffling "I have a skinny body with skinny legs and I can't run like the other boys." he said to her.

"And no muscles anywhere." he said "All of the boys have muscles except me."

Blazer looked down at his feet. "I have a small body and a barely visible chest" he looked at himself in the window again. "Compared to the other boys, I look like a girl."

Benny placed her hands under his arms and hugged his sweaty chest, giving it a light squeeze which always made the boy laugh. Blazer smiled a little. "Your the best swimmer in school," Benny said lifting his chin. She looked at his tear stained face "and your captain of the school soccer team."

"Your on the cheerleading squad," she said "your a great guy and the best friend I could ever have."

"But don't tell anyone I said that." she said looking into his blue eyes "I have a reputation to uphold." Blazer smiled.

Benny pinched his chest. "Now go take a shower," she said "you smell like parmesan cheese." She smiled.


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