A Gift for Damian Part 4

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The fourth part of the Saga of Julia and Damian and a fitting mount for a Troll.

Damian's Gift

Life was good for Damian & Julia. Julia was more beautiful with each passing day, Damian growing larger and more Troll like. Their visits were a lot of fun except that Damian was a grown up Troll.
It seemed that Damian’s girth was becoming a problem in that no horse could support his size. It was a long way to the castle by foot and Damian couldn’t ride any longer. The best they could do was to have Damian ride an Ox, but that didn’t allow him to feel like the rest of the young men in the Kingdom.
The King had a great idea. He was very grateful to Damian for looking after Julia when she was young, so he decided to give Damian a gift. King Blane knew that in the neighbouring kingdom they raised Clydesdales. These were wonderful horses, large and powerfully built, big and strong enough to support the weight and size of a large Troll.
He wrote a letter to the Royals of that Kingdom requesting their best, largest horse. He had met King Thadeus and Queen Rose at their inauguration and knew them to be honorable.
The letter was received and the young prince offered to personally deliver the horse. Prince Terrance had heard the stories about the beautiful princess and her Troll friend. He was curious and decided to go see for himself if the stories were true.

The Arrival

Terrance and his father picked the largest and most handsome Clydesdale in their stable, a handsome stallion by the name of Brutus. He was tall and pure white with a long flowing tail and mane that could be braided; he had great big brown eyes filled with intelligence. He was a fitting mount for the noble Troll and a fitting gift from a grateful father.
It took Terrance several days to reach the Kingdom. He arrived with his troop of knights and his handsome horses. King Blane and Queen Mia were delighted with the mount chosen for Damian. It was going to be a wonderful surprise!

The surprise

Damian and Julia spent the day out swimming with their friends. Prince Terrance and his Knights arrived late afternoon and went to refresh themselves and prepare for the evening celebrations.
That evening there was a great feast in the ballroom. Queen Mia went to her daughter’s room and told her to don her best gown as they were having a royal visitor who had brought a special surprise for Damian. Julia dressed with utmost care in her favourite sky blue gown which matched her eyes.

The Double Surprise

The King and Queen sat with Julia on the dais. Julia was so excited about Damian’s surprise, she could hardly wait. Damian was busy chatting with his friends when the page made the announcement presenting Prince Terrance. Julia looked over seeing a tall very handsome young man with curly black hair and dark blue eyes. It was love at first sight.
Prince Terrance was mesmerized; he had never seen anyone as beautiful as her. He couldn’t stop looking at her and Julia couldn’t stop looking at him. The King and Queen looked first at Prince Terrance and then at their own daughter and then at each other. Their little girl had grown up overnight and it was love at first sight, and it was mutual.
Damian was talking with his friends when he heard the announcement; he looked over at Prince Terrance and noticed that the prince was staring. When he noticed whom he was staring at, he did a double take looking at Julia. This was going to take some investigating. No one was good enough for Julia!
The introductions were made; Terrance was overwhelmed by Julia as she was by him. Damian decided that he would chaperone the two of them till he decided that Terrance was worthy of his Julia.


The feast that night was wonderful, Julia staring at Terrance and Terrance trying to make polite conversation with the King and Queen, while constantly looking back at Julia. Damian meanwhile was studying the young couple; he was not going to allow Terrance to take advantage of his best friend.
Dinner finally finished when the King announced in a loud voice that there was something special that the court had to come and witness. The royals preceded the court outside. There in the middle of the lovely courtyard was a magnificent white Clydesdale. Everyone ohhhed and ahhhed at the very handsome and very large horse. The King turned to Damian and placed his hand on Damian’s left shoulder and said: “you have looked after my treasure, and I want to present to you a gift of thanks. This is Brutus and he is yours”. Damian was awed by the gift of the handsome stallion.


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