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I have had the honor of being a mother, wife, sister, daughter, niece, Auntie, friend, dogs best friend and now a Gammy, to some wonderful people. Here is a peek, into my world.

I'm Just a housewife from Alabama

My name is Denise and I am 48 years old.

My husband and I are the exception and not the rule, as in...

We are happily married.

I not ony love my husband but, I also enjoy being his friend.

I live with Chronic myofascial pain and have, for the last 23 years.

I say, 'live with', instead of, 'has a disease' because, the disease does not have me, I am just tolerant of its existence.

I have learned a few tricks along the way and yes, I have my massage machine graveyard down in my basement to prove it.

Just thinking about the money I could have saved from all the failed contraptions I have gone through, just about blows me over, but hey...

You never know unless you try it, right?

I will share what I have learned over these last 22 years of living with Chronic Myofascial Pain. I understand each pain issue is different but, just maybe some of my tips will be able to help some one else, whom lives with Chronic pain.

I Love being an American

I love America. I also love the small town in Alabama, where I live. I am not a big city gal. I like a easy and comfortable life.

I love everything politics.

I love our American process and I want to know from 'my own' research what the truth is.

I find you can be patriotic and yet not like everything in your country's past or future.

Yes, we have made mistakes but, through my years here on earth and the traveling I have done around the world and all across this great nation of ours to know...

We have done far more good, than bad.

Be Heard!

I feel it is not only a priviledge to vote but, it is our obligation as American citizens, to 'know the issues' and then, make your voice be heard...

By casting your vote.

I suggest you look at what your so called 'leaders' say behind the scenes, when they think you are not listening. Read congressional hearings, look at how your Senators & Representatives have voted and not just what comes spilling out of their mouths (when they are on TV), just to be voted into office.

I plan on writing about politics in the future and also you can bet your last dollar that, if I write about it, it will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I don't care what political party it hits, the truth will always be given to you, from my keyboard.

Becoming Homeskillet

I love to cook. My mother was a great cook, she taught me a lot but, I have never been able to cook a pot roast like she did. Her father also loved to cook. Grandpa was a Navy Cook. I feel it is just in my blood, I can not escape it.

One day, my son and his friends thought they were going to be rich and famous at the age of 14, with their rap group.

They informed me that they wanted me as their manager but, the only problem was I needed a cool name. So off the boys went, in my sons room and had a conference.

Fifteen minutes later, the four of them came out, stood in the kitchen and informed me, my name will be 'homeskillet' because, I am a great cook and I am cool like that.

I will be adding new recipes and I also love to cook for my dog.

My pride and joy

I have raised two kids and I loved every minute of it. Now they are grown and I am now enjoying the pleasure of being their friend.

My home was the hang out home for all the neighborhood kids and also those my kids met at school.

Even during their teen years, our home was the one the kids wanted to hang out in.

No, I was not the party house, just the opposite, I made them watch their P's and Q's.

But, the kids still came over any ways.

We still see most of them every now and then.

I can not put into words, just how proud I am of my two children.

They make my husband and I's world, rock!

Awww My Grandson!

I never thought I would turn into one of those grandma's that believe their grandchild is the best child ever born but, I did.

I mean, my grandson is the cutest baby that has ever been born and I am sticking with that.

I know I will say the same about the next one.

I was promised two kids a piece by my children and yes, I am holding to that promise, they made so many years ago. If they have more, more the better, I say.

I will share many stories about Tristan, as he grows into the fine young man that I know he will be.

How bout those Dawgs!

Our family started with Jackie. How we ended up with the girl was a stroke of luck, being at the right place, at the right time.

We were grilling some chicken in the back yard one night and this dog walked up to Dan and I. We of course patted the dogs head and when she had enough loving, she laid down next to my feet.

All of a sudden we heard a guy yelling, "Jackie, Jackie!". We knew the calls must have been for this dog laying by my feet. So Dan went around front and asked the guy if he is missing a dog.

The man just shook his head yes and followed Dan, as Dan walked back to where Jackie and I were. The man called for the dog. The dog looked at him but, didn't budge. The man seemed frustrated as he looked at Dan and said, "If you want her, you can have her", so we wanted her and we kept her.

Jackie then decided to give us a litter of puppies and we kept one, his name was Boo.

The 'Cheese'

Boo was born October 6, 1995. He was my son's first true best friend. Boo was also known as...

The Cheese, Cheddar Better, Boo bear, Boo Choo and just a all around, good guy.

It was a absolute joy being able to watch my son and Boo, grow up together. We use to say to people, "Boo is our ho and scrapper.". Yes we listened to the recommendation of our veterinarian and didn't have Boo neutered until he was 2 years old. So yes, Boo has been responsible for a few litters of puppies.

As far as being a scrapper, Boo would fight anything that tried to invade his space, when it came to critters that is. Boo was the protector and had taken his job seriously but, do not get me wrong. Boo was a very loving dog to our family and friends.

Once again on the issue of Boo being a ho...

Sweet Max

We were asked by our neighbor if we would put Boo on a chain when we leave to go into town one day. Their rottweiler (paid big bucks for) was in heat and she was getting loose every time they left their house.

Even though I am against chaining a dog, we did just that, as we were not going to be gone for very long. When we arrived back home around a hour later. As soon as we pulled up, we noticed the rottweiler had once again gotten loose and was over in our yard. Visiting Boo, Boo didn't mind and...

On top of it all, we decided to keep one of Boo and her puppies, Max.

Boo didn't like Max much at first but, over the next 11 years they were able to spend together, he sure warmed up to him and loved him bunches in the end.

Max was the sweetest dog you will ever meet, he wouldn't hurt a fly. Okay, a fly. He loved to chase them and then eat them but, nothing else.

I will share stories of these two, as we go along.

Baby Doo

In 2001, while I was recovering from a long illness, my daughter brought home a dog that a family didn't want and just left on the side of the street. Yes, we did the usual parent thing and said "Well Krys, you can keep her until we find her a home", of course...

Baby Doo stayed.

Krystal had Baby Doo for 3 years. Baby Doo had lost one of her hind legs early on in life, so yes, we live in Alabama and we had a 3 legged dog, go figure.

Baby Doo started to have seizures that caused her to be violent. We tried the drugs our veterinarian gave us, to give to Baby Doo. When Baby Doo had taken the drug, she suffered from every side effect, except for death. Our Veterinarian then informed us of a natural remedy but, it didn't work either.

One day Baby Doo was in the backyard and she had a seizure. Baby Doo just wouldn't snap out of it, she was biting every thing in sight.

We then had to do the humane thing and put her down.

Now We have Bugg

Right now, I have only one dog, his name is Bugg.

Bugg's dad is a yellow Lab and his mama, is a white shepherd. Bugg was born in Cottonton Alabama on, November 24, 2009.

I fell in love with Bugg, the moment I saw that cute bundle of fur sitting by the chair, as we walked in the front door.

My husband promised me another dog for my birthday this month.

So, the search is on!

I have already started to write about Bugg and plan on doing more.

Bugg looks so sad...

l think he needs a new friend.


I am the caretaker of my mentally challenged older brother.

I have been since 1996.

I will be the first to tell you, this can be very hard on the caretaker at times but, it is also very rewarding and the bottom line is...

I love my brother.

I plan on sharing articles about what my brother and I both go through, as we deal with his mental disorder.

Also, my brother is a great guy and I just know you will enjoy getting to know him.

I love to travel

I have always been curious about the world around us. Maybe one of the reasons is because, I was a Air force brat and we did a bit of traveling during the first 13 years of my life.

We lived over seas in Japan for the first 4 years of my life.

We came back to the Untied states, moved a few times, in as many years and then we moved to Guam a few years later. We lived in Guam for a little over 4 years.

I just loved living in these two places and it has sparked a interest in my that will stay as long as I am able to take a breathe.

I have lived in 6 states in America and have traveled through many more. Even though I have already seen a lot of my country, I want to see more in the future.

Dan and I's dream for when he retires is to travel around this great country of ours and see all the beautiful country side, America has to offer.

We would also love to travel to other countries. England has always been on my list to visit. As a young girl, I always dreamed of going to the palace and having a cup of tea with the queen.

Yes, I was a child with a huge imagination.

Just Me

I hope you liked what you have read and will continue to do so in the future.

Well, this is me.

I am nothing special...

I'm just a housewife from Alabama.

To find out a bit more of my life, please go take a look at my series...

My path followed part 1

My name is not 'homeskillet' for nothing...

Potato Salad...Done Mama's way!

Vegetarian Pasta Salad

Delicious lentil Soup...Ham bone or Vegetarian

Bacon, Turkey & Ham. Makes for a Great Club Sandwich!

Do you have a story, tips or a recipe you would like to share with others. Join Wikinut and earn money.


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author avatar Denise O
I live in Georgia, USA. I am a granny to 3 precious children. I am Mama to Bugg and two human beings. I was once married to a wonderful, Dan.

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author avatar C. Michael Davis
16th Aug 2010 (#)

"I made them watch their P's and Q's." Denise, the fact that you showed those kids that you loved them enough to mind their P's and Q's is why they wanted to be there. Party parents fail to establish the respect between them and their kids that you did. Kids, today more than ever, need to know where the boundries are. Kids today live in a world of "no absolutes". You obviousley gave them the absolutes that give us stability. I thank you for that. Wasn't Jimmy Buffet from "Bama"? I enjoy your views. Keep on keeping on!

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author avatar Denise O
16th Aug 2010 (#)

Thank you so much Michael for your kind words. I feel as if I have let y'all down, as I have not posted a thing in a week or so but, in my defense. I am the care taker of my family and they need me. God has pointed out my job here on earth at a early time in my life and by being there for my family is one of the most important task he requires of me. We as a family have been through a loss of our dear Max ( my daughter's girl hood dog) and also my dad, after 50+ years has decided to volunteer for rehab, to help him stop his drinking. Drinking is one thing he has done all my life. I am out of state, so it has been a bit more difficult, dealing with doctors, nurses and what have you and also being there for him. I feel it will be a great healing tool for all of us and I know God wants me to be there for him, no matter what he has ever done in his past. This has not been easy on me. I told you about my dad because, I have started your short story on your one summer as a boy and I have not finished, as I was reading it when I got the call about my dad. I know you will understand. Thank you again Michael, I too, can not wait to write more stories and also in turn, dig into your work. God bless.
Your friend,

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author avatar C. Michael Davis
13th Sep 2010 (#)

I will bring you and your family before our Church and see that you are held up in prayer. I hope this works out for your dad. You are doing the right thing to put the past where it belongs; in the past. Write when you can. Please keep us posted about your dad's progress. Love and prayers Michael

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author avatar siboiss
28th Aug 2010 (#)

My parents were always the strict ones and even though at the time I probably deserved it, I would not have it any other way. It's nice to see parents take the time to mold their children the way God molds us.
Thanks for the article,

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author avatar Retired
11th Sep 2010 (#)

Hi Denise-I suggest you try 20-30 cherries a day and see your pain melt away,just give it a try.Regards...

Reply to this comment

author avatar Denise O
11th Sep 2010 (#)

Suny, I do the cherries, the blueberries and the black berries. I also take herbs and supplements. I have opted out of pain meds for well over a decade, even when it gets to be very bad but, I do take xanax. It seems to have the least side effects and it is working just fine. Thank you for your suggestion though. God bless.

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author avatar Thom W. Conroy
9th Oct 2010 (#)

Great article Denise! Just goes to show that the story of each of our lives is unique and would make a great book or movie if we could only express it correctly.

Reply to this comment

author avatar Denise O
9th Oct 2010 (#)

Thank you Thom for your nice comments but, the story needs a fixing. :)
One of my first ones, sorry.
I went to town yesterday on it and hacked it up, I am waiting for it to be re-published.

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author avatar Retired
29th Oct 2010 (#)


Reply to this comment

author avatar Denise O
29th Oct 2010 (#)

Thank you Lucia, for your kind word and for stopping by.:)

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author avatar Humza
29th Nov 2010 (#)

Densie o ur first comment on my lil effort regarding our grandparents said it all that how much loving and caring person u are.
i am moved and touched the way u hv shared ur life's memorable moments with all ur readers makin them feel a part of ur very own falily and thats what is the best part.
i love babies and i am sooo very much lookin forward to hearing and seeing tristan! May GOD bless u all!

Reply to this comment

author avatar Denise O
29th Nov 2010 (#)

Humza, Thank you so much for your very kind words.
God has blessed me so much, I'm so very grateful for it all.
I loved your story, it touched my heart. It was fine with me.
May God bless you and yours.
Thank you for stopping by and being a friend.:)

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author avatar Sinbad the SailorMan
12th Jan 2011 (#)

What a lovely share Denise, as an only Boy child in a family with four Girls by another man, you can plainly see I was very close to all the mother figures in my life. Many of whom were compatible to the likes of yourself. My Mom and Grandmother and Aunts gave me my discipline after my Grandfather die. And my cooking skills as well God so blesses us all with ladies like you and them. Lovely write thanks for sharing it and yourself. Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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author avatar Denise O
12th Jan 2011 (#)

Thank you Donnie for your very kind words. I too have had very strong women in my life. My dad was there but, not really. Our mother was my main source of 'how to be' while growing up. I did have a few strong male figures in my life growing up. Briefly my Grandpa (my mama's father) and my two uncles (her brothers) showed me how a man is suppose to treat a woman. They just were always far away from us, as we traveled so much.
I am so glad your mother, Aunts and Grandmother were there for you.
My nana lived to be 100 and she is and will always be the standard I hold myself to and that is some big shoes to fill but, I do try.
Donnie, thank you for taking the time to read a piece of my life and for you sharing a piece of your life with me.:)

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