A History of Sacrifice

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We have all kinds of religious and mythological philosophies around in circulation today, taking on new forms and bringing back old ideas. Sacrifice is one such idea that has never really gone away, although no sane person today would make a human sacrifice. At one time and with some cultures it seems like it was the done thing. Read on to find out more.


When we look into the mysteries and the ideas of mythology and religion, it doesn't take long to run into the practice of sacrifice. Most religions and mythologies involve some kind of sacrifice, like Christianity's Jesus and his bloody sacrifice for the world. But it seems that the further we go back, the bloodier and scarier the idea of sacrifice gets. Not always though, as their are still some ancient peoples who sacrifices were a little less bloody.

Sacrifice Myths

Like the Native Americans who although looked scary dancing around in their strange face masks, chose to sacrifice corn and foods to their gods instead of people. Hoping to please the good spirits of nature. Yet when we look at the Maya tribe, we soon start to see a dark part of human history. The Mayan's had a game which was very much like Football. The difference in this game is that historians think that after the match, one whole side was sacrificed to the gods. It has not yet been determined whether the winners or looser's were awarded this deadly honour. I would of thought it would be the looser's in order to make a better competitive match. Yet with what these people were fed as knowledge, maybe they wanted to be sacrificed.

Sacrifice pops up in the Hindu mythologies as well, although it's not as bloody as the Mayan way. The Hindu god Shiva's first wife named Sati, had a father who for one reason or another tried to disgrace the mighty god Shiva. So Sati jumped on to a sacred fire as a sacrifice. Agni is the ancient Hindu fire god, who had seven tongues. These seven tongues were used to lick up burning butter from the sacred fire.


The Druids priests of the Celtic people, would kill two birds with one stone. They would sacrifice criminals by burning them in wicker cages in honour to the their gods. So from the mysteries to the histories one things for sure, it has been one hell of a bloody ride.

More Sacrifice Myths

Odin the mighty Norse Viking god, was another divine entity from history who expected sacrifice. He expected his warriors in war to not just fight with all their might, but to actually welcome death. This might not have served the individual very well, but it would have made great warriors who were fearless out of the Viking men.

Even the holy bible the book of Christianity gives us a sacrifice story, and I don't mean Jesus's. I'm talking about Abraham, the man who was told by god to take his son somewhere and kill him as a sacrifice to god. God stops this act at the last moment, as it was only a test.

Here's a sacrifice that is not to bloody, to the Roman goddess Vesta. A bunch of chosen girls would attend a scared fire, these girls were virgins and would sacrifice the idea of ever being married. Yet the Romans were a bloody lot, and a lot of gladiator deaths were sacrifices to their different gods.

The Chinese were pretty easy going. They made sacrifices of gifts, given to their ancestors. Now if we are looking for the god who took the most human sacrifices, then the Aztec sun god has got to be a close contender. Huitzilopochtli the Aztec sun god demanded the hearts of the humans and boy did he get them, it's said that thousands upon thousands were sacrificed to this god.

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