A Horse Named Moose

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What did I expect with a horse named Moose. Moose was the most tired horse I ever saw, if I had known Moose would be this sorry, I never would have left the stable with him.

A Horse Named Moose

What did I expect with a horse named Moose. Moose was the most tired horse I ever saw, if I had known Moose would be this sorry, I never would have left the stable with him. School was out for the summer, dad was planning our weeks vacation to the Bar XL Ranch, where there would be horseback riding, camping, fishing, hiking and swimming among other things. Now this all sounded good when Dad was talking about it, but I had my doubts, and as it turned out, for good reason.

Once again, I was the odd one out, as usual. I wanted to go to the beach, dip my toes in the ocean, build a sandcastle in the sand as any ten year old would, but no, we were headed out west to the Bar XL, now I ask you, what kind of name is that for a ranch. Mom was happy, my sister was happy, everybody was happy, except me and if I had any idea what my life would be like for that one week, I would have cemented my feet to the floor.

The day had arrived, Bar XL, here we come, we left early Saturday morning, as we had a seven hour drive. On the way, we stopped for snacks and drinks, we were a few miles down the road when I realized one of my flip flops was missing, I must have walked out of my flip flop when I was feeding my face, this was the beginning of my demise.

Once we arrived at our destination, unpacked, took a much needed rest, it was time for dinner at the Bar XL dinning room, the food was delicious, for me, that's all that mattered, never met a meal I didn't like. After dinner, we walked around for a bit, looking the place over. Mom said we should have an early night, as we had a big day ahead of us in the morning. On the way back to our cabin, I saw an old horse standing outside the stable, little did I know what was in store for me.

After breakfast the next morning, we headed for the stable to go horseback riding, everyone was paired with a horse, and they paired me with that old horse that was standing outside the stable, a tired old horse named Moose. I was just about to put up a fuss, when one look from mom stopped me in my tracks. I said to myself, self, why me, and the answer I got back was why not you, back then I used to talk to myself quite often, so glad I grew out of that stage of my life, but not before I had to talk to Moose the whole time, that darn horse was tired.

Moose looked and moved every bit of his age, he must have been at least a hundred years old, just kidding, but Moose was old and tired. Moose was dragging along the trail, stopping every two minutes, Moose even had the guts to stop and pee along the way, Moose must have peed five gallons that day, I was so mad with Moose, I could have just spit. I couldn't get Moose to turn right or left, couldn't get Moose to go forward or backwards, Moose just stood there, with his sorry, no count for nothing self, I was mad as a bulldog. The trail guide kept yelling for everyone to keep up, was he insane, how was I suppose to keep up with a horse that wouldn't move, he must have loss his mind.

I had to use every trick in the book to get Moose back to the stable and then I had to beg and plead some more. While my family was enjoying their outing, I was praying and talking to myself the whole time, I was going to get Moose back to the stable, even if I had to carry him on my back. I tried to tell anyone who would listen, that Moose was tired, but try as I might, no one was buying a word I said. Once we were back at the stable, when I got down off of that old broke down horse, I could barely walk, I was tore up from the floor up and Moose was tired than three hundred and sixty five dogs.


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author avatar Songbird B
26th Mar 2013 (#)

Oh what a lovely tale, and told with great humour too..This was an enjoyable read Shirley..\0/x

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