A Hungarian folk ballad

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A short description of a Transylvanian folk ballad, the plot of which was taken by other cultures.

Motherly curse

The Hungarian ballad “ Motherly curse”, which was probably born in Transylvania, has 75 other Hungarian versions. The plot of the folk-song is about a mother, who curses her only daughter, when the latter expresses her wish to get married. The young woman eventually dies due to the curse.
The theme itself is known throughout Europe, and can be found in the Italian, French, Bulgarian, Dutch and English folklore. The Szekler variation is unique amongst all of these due to its relative rarity, but it is essentially valuable, as it is the original amongst its neighboring variations.
It wears the features of classical folk ballads. The belief in the power of the curse reveals a positively Middle Ages way of thinking. The plot itself is in a certain twilight, which is characteristic for the ballads, and we don`t know exactly why had the mother cursed her daughter.
In many variations the mother is a widow, but this does not answer the question. Was she afraid of being left alone, was her child too young, were the two young people not equally well off, or was the motif purely selfishness, or evil nature?
The four passages come together in a perfect harmony, the three elements of the subject – introduction, treatment, closure- let us see the love tragedy as shortly as possible
Although we are missing essential information or pieces of the plot, the tragedy is well contoured. The girl wants to get married despite the harsh motherly opposition, but the parental curse takes on her, and she dies on her wedding day.
The base of the ballad`s action underlines that the mother is a widow, as otherwise the father should have taken care of obeying the laws. It thus becomes clearer why she does not want her daughter married: she is afraid of loneliness.
To conclude, we can state that many a ballad was born in Transylvania, and might we be looking for living folklore, we would still find it in this region.


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Could be way too much love and affection that could not tolerate disobedience and rejection when the girl wanted her way. Thanks for the share, Ontario - siva

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