A Kinship With The Sea

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The recognition of a lifelong yearning for an association with the ocean.

A Kinship With The Sea

What is it when a fellow both born and bred in the mountains of western North Carolina feels such closeness with the seashore? It’s almost as if I have a distinct need to visit the ocean at least every two years to renew some sort of alliance or relationship with the existence of the sea. The process of the waves coming onto shore coupled with the sound they make and the strong smell of salt air and fish all work synergistically to both stimulate and calm me at the same time.

I feel stimulated to think about my life and where I’ve been and where I’m apt to go and at the same time my mind lets go of the burdensome baggage that I’ve acquired since my last visit with the sea. A real sense of renewal occurs when I walk out into the ocean from the beach. The water is clear and warm and brings a sigh of relief so deep and profound that I tend to shudder or breathe in ragged gasps. I feel so at home in the salt water even on board ocean going vessels I have this feeling of oneness. I have read about some psychologists saying that humans feel closeness to sea because of the rhythmic sound of the waves and tide sounding like our mothers heartbeat when we were still in the womb. Well, whatever the process actually is I do bear witness to fact that I feel a strong kinship to the sea and the funny thing is the sea gives me a great deal in return.

The mountains are my home and I don’t want to leave nor do I feel compelled to do so by this relationship however, I do feel the desire to nurture this kinship with the sea through visits and trinkets purchased in gift shops, and even wallpaper on my computer screen. Judging from the numbers of folks that visit the beach each year I know I’m not the only hillbilly to feel as I do. But I do wonder how many folks do feel such a kinship to the sea?


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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
25th Jul 2011 (#)

I feel it. Born on the East Coast, I could not tolerate life away from the sea when at college in the Midwest and was then drawn to the Pacific coast where I have lived happily since 1969. When I am far from the sea, I feel land-locked in my heart.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
25th Jul 2011 (#)

I feel it too, as do you and David. I used to live on the California coast but now I live in its mountains. I am renewed in both places. Thanks for a nice, very well written article, Winsome75.

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author avatar Chris
26th Jul 2011 (#)

The sea is me. I live by the sea every summer and long for it in the winter. She is ever changing, ever in motion, and underlying current of moods and feelings. Sometimes calm, sometimes wild, sometimes soft and pushing, sometimes hard and pounding.....and strong. It's the smell, he feel the touch, the woman in me that draws me back to the sea.

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author avatar Denise O
27th Jul 2011 (#)

I too am drawn to the sea. I was 3 months old when we moved to Japan and we lived there for a little over 4 years and then when I was 8 years old, we lived in Guam for a little over 4 years. Also my mama's family live in massachusetts and I have always loved being there, at the cape. when asked where my happy place is, my answer is, by the sea. Nice one. Thank you for sharing.:)

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