A Leader-The Heart of a Team

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This article is all about a leader. This article summarizes the importance of a leader and the various roles that a leader plays in a group.


Who is a leader? What role does a leader play? Why is it important to have good leader? Well, first and foremost when we talk about a leader, we are not talking about some position or title. Rather we are talking about various examples and actions that a particular individual has set.
A leader is a person who sets an example for its team and helps the team to achieve a common goal. A leader is one who is one who encourages and motivates its team members at the time of distress so that they can give their best. A leader is a person who is responsible to bind its team members together so that they treat each other as their family. It is the leader who is responsible for showing the correct path to a team or people so that they can achieve their common goal. A leader behaves differently in different situations. He behaves as friend, as a guide, as an inspiration, as an parent and many more.
Every leader plays a very crucial role in a group. If the leader is not an efficient one then the team or group is also not efficient. A leader plays the same in a group as that of a rudder in a ship. If the leader is not a good one then the team or group is misguided.
A leader is one who takes the pride when the group achieves success and the leader is the one who has to take the burden of shame when the group. A leader is very different from a boss. A boss instructs a group whereas a leader guides a group. A boss imposes his opinions on a group whereas a leader takes the opinions of all the members and then puts forward the best opinion. A boss orders his employees to complete a task whereas a leader helps its member’s to achieve a common task.

In the end, A GOOD LEADER is a BREADER of success.


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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
1st Feb 2015 (#)

Interesting page.Important to have leaders.Thanks for the share.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Feb 2015 (#)

There are unifying leaders but also divisive ones. We need the former everywhere, especially for countries. Nice post - siva

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author avatar Ankit Mahapatra
2nd Feb 2015 (#)

thank you randir for liking my post.......

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author avatar Ankit Mahapatra
2nd Feb 2015 (#)

Truly said Siva....And thanks for liking my post....

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author avatar Legend
9th Jun 2015 (#)

A leader needs to know where his weaknesses lie so that he can delegate

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