A Lesson

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On a few minutes, Dara managed to give a very important lesson to an old classmate of hers.

A Pretty Gril

Kevin just noticed a petite girl siting alone at a table on the restaurant where he was having dinner. She wasn´t exactly a runaway model, but she had a beautiful smile and her green eyes had the power to transmit everyone around her a vibe of kindness and warmth. After discreetly looking at her for a while, Kevin wondered how amazing would it be to have a girlfriend like that, with a child-like smile, unlike those ice-cold queens he dated on the past.

She knew him...

Suddenly, when Kevin was sighing, wishing to have enough guts to get up and talk to the pint-sized girl, he noticed she stated smiling at him! And not only that, also, she gestured at him to come and sit at her table. Kevin felt like he was flushing with fever. What a lucky man he was! Without having to think it, he got up of his table to sit where the green-eyed girl signaled with her gestures.
—Hey, Kevin Himes, What a surprise!
Wow! So, did she know him? That was really unexpected. Kevin tried to figure out who was she, but was in vain, he couldn´t remember her form anywhere else. Perhaps she mistook him for someone else? No, she even knew his last name… If she remembered him, but he doesn´t remembered her, what else was to do?
—Um, yeah! So how are you? — replied him, on a terrible attempt to sound calm
—Just “How are you?” Don´t you remember me, or what?
— Eh? No. I mean yes, I do remember you— answered Kevin, starting to mumble
— Don´t be nervous, man! I am Dara, from high school. Remember me? Braces, short, thick glasses?
Kevin felt like his whole body began to shake. She was Dara, the poor girl who used to be the favorite bullying victim of Kevin and his friends.
— Oh, yeah, Dara... Nice to see you there… — replied Kevin, wishing the earth could devour him in that moment
— Yes.. just drinking some coffee while waiting for my fiancée
—Your fiancé?
—Oh, yeah, his name is Samuel. He is an amazing man, and also, the reason why I wanted to talk to you
—How? I think I´m not understanding you
—Easy. I if I had never meet you or your friends. I would have never learned how to become a better woman. Yes, you hurt me in the past, but now I want to thank you…
—Why, Dara?
—Because, thanks to my past, I am stronger than ever. My fiancé knows how hard my youth was, and that is one of the reasons why he loves me and respects me.
After saying so, Dara stood up from her chair, and walked towards the door of the restaurant, leaving an astonished Kevin behind. On a few minutes, Dara managed to give him a lesson larger than the sea.

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author avatar Erly
3rd Oct 2014 (#)

So beautiful story of love...what a love.Thanks for sharing...

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