A Letter To Tony the Terrible

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I wrote this on election day 2013 in Australia. The people of Australia had no influence on the result of the election despite the ruse of voting. Our Democracy is Corrupted beyond recognition and only a fool would expect those who corrupted it to try and save it. It is always the responsibility of the people to keep a watchful eye on their elected rulers. It's your charge to ensure they are truly representing your views and opinions and not serving a far larger and clandestine corporate market.

And so it appears the time has come...

Dear Tony Abbot,

I thank you.

You will be the final step towards the complete collapse of the absolute disgrace you and all your kind have made of our once proud and strong Democracy.
You all have corrupted the ideals of democracy itself to the point that it will now become obvious to even the most political unaware Australians that something simply MUST be done.
Enjoy the next three years of Tyranny, we will survive it. Make no mistake we are still strong.
By the time you are ready for re-election I vow to find a way to unite my Fellow Australians against your utterly false democracy.
For that is all that needs to be done.
ALL Australians, of all our glorious nationalities and diversities simply need to all agree at once that enough is enough. If we let you continue we will lose our freedom entirely.
Your absolute joke of a political party will do my work for me.
My motivation is pure and incorruptible. We WILL unite and simply chose as a nation of people via an independent referendum to expel the lot of you from OUR parliament and put real, honest Australians in your place. We can build again from the countless talents you have exploited or ignored and therefore heal and restore OUR NATION to it's former strength and glory.
The ANZACS will be turning in their graves today.

With humble gratitude for the mess you are about to create,

Yours TRULY,
A Husband, A Father,


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