A Letter to a Raccoon

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This is a letter to a raccoon who has been rather mischievous lately.

A Letter to a Raccoon

Dear Raccoon,
I have noted that you have been going through my garbage lately and helping yourself to whatever is inside and leaving a mess when you are finished your feast. I write this letter to you because I am tired of you going through my garbage and helping yourself to whatever you see. With this free meal you have helped yourself to, the least you can do is clean-up the garbage after you are done so you do not leave such a mess. You sneak around with your little robber mask and make a bad name for yourself and destroy the property of others but I am sure there is more to you than meet the eye. There is more to you than just the outer appearance of you but something more deeper. We will never figure out this deeper side of you unless you be polite about going through other people's garbage and leaving a mess. The few bad apples among you who do this are leaving a bad example and influence on raccoons everywhere. Please stop going through my garbage or at the very least, clean up after you are finished. I will appreciate this in the future when you decide to rummage through my garbage uninvited.


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I hope you enjoy and happy reading!


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7th Jun 2012 (#)

Have you though of getting a coonhound?

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