A Life Mystery

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I often wonder about growing up and the world around me at that time, what has changed to make this world so different. It is the information highway that has been created over the years that has made it different. It has shown us things we once did not know of and somewhat made us to aware of the nasty things in the world so aware that this is all we can see most days and the only energy we carry with us.

The Dark Myth

The wind is blowing wildly
The air becomes crisp and clean
Lady Fall starts her awaited arrival
Under the Septembers bright moon beam

Blue skies turn to clouds of thunder
Lightening’s bright light streaking through the air
Yet Night creatures still sing songs loudly
If winters energy is looming, they don’t seem to care

Should we take from this a lesson
Oh yes I think we should
What is this lesson you ask me
I think a soul’s journey is very misunderstood

We linger in our past pains and sorrows
Letting them control our futures paths
What is behind us that we should have learned
Becomes our futures wraths

We further borrow sorrows from our tomorrows
Looking for fears not yet to become
Not looking at the present beauty
To the light that still exist we’ve become numb

The darkness that surrounds our lives
Coming from all things outside of our control
Web sites, news channels spilling negative energy
Keeps us from feeling the beauty inside our own souls

That is the only thing that makes us different
From the creatures we share this world with
As they sing songs of joy and peacefulness
Unaware of the darkness’s myth

Yet they are reveling in the night’s blackness
Because there is still something to light their way
So the lesson in this mystery
To the darkness do not become prey


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I am a poet, most of my writing is poetry, but I also will blog on today's world around us from time to time.

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