A Life Without Sonny Corinthos-A General Hospital Fanfiction

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What happens to Port Charles citizens when the mob boss with a heart of gold is killed off?


Carly couldn’t believe that Sonny was dead and at the hands of AJ Quartermaine. And to make matters worse, she about to give birth to their triplet daughters, Arianna Angel, Adella Amelia and Andrea Anna. . .not to mention, Michael, Morgan, Kristina and Dante. . .how would they ever survive with their father gone? But with all that Carly has to face with Sonny’s death—Jax comes back with the intent to reclaim her and Josslyn. Will Carly find the strength to carry on? In other pairings, Kiki finds it hard to remain true to Morgan as her feelings for Dillon Quartermaine come to surface; and Kristina finally declares her love for Aaron just as Parker comes back.


Carly Corinthos – Laura Wright
Dante Falconeri – Dominic Zamprogna
Lulu Spencer-Falconeri – Emme Rylan
Michael Corinthos – Chad Duell
Morgan Corinthos – Bryan Craig
Kiki Jerome – Hayley Erin
Kristina Davis-Corinthos – Lexie Ainsworth
Josslyn Jacks – Eden McCoy
Aaron –
Parker – Ashley Jones
Dillon Quartermaine – Robert Palmer Watkins
Jasper “Jax” Jacks – Ingo Rademacher

Chapter 1

Port Charles is hit hard at the news that Sonny Corinthos is dead! Carly can barely hold on as she reflects on her many fights with Sonny to leave the mob world. How will she go on as she is about to give birth to triplets, Arianna Angel, Adella Amelia and Andrea Anna (already named per Sonny before his death). Sonny would never know his daughters and poor Avery would never know her father. Not to mention, Michael, Morgan, Kristina and Dante. How would they cope, especially Michael whose biological father is responsible for killing Sonny.
Michael is distraught with the news that AJ as he heads for the PCPD to confront his father about killing Sonny.
“Dad, why did you do it?” Michael inquires when he is finally able to see AJ at the PC jail.
AJ can barely face Michael when he comes to visit him in jail.
“Son, I don’t know what to tell you.” AJ adds, not knowing what to tell you.
“What happened?!” Michael asks, confused.
“We were arguing about what Ava did when she falsely accused me of Connie’s murder.” AJ explains.
“But you shot and killed the man who raised me?!”
“I don’t know how it happened?” AJ continues to explain. “One moment Sonny and I were arguing. . .the next minute. . .he was on the ground, bleeding from a gun shot wound.”
As Michael ranted to AJ, Ava was quietly listening, “No one will ever know that I am the one who killed Sonny, and my plan to get Avery away from Sonny and Carly.”

Morgan is hit hard knowing that his father is dead. He heads over to Franco’s apartment where Kiki has been staying and is rocked hard by what he sees.
“Dillon, I can’t hold my feelings in any longer.” Kiki confesses to Dillon. “It’s you I love. Not Morgan.”
“I feel the same way, Kiki.”
“I just can’t be with you until I can break it to Morgan.” Kiki says sadly. “But now that Sonny is dead, I don’t know how to let Morgan down in his time of need.”
“I know.” Dillon says as Dillon pulls Kiki into an embrace.
Unable to watch, Morgan leaves Franco’s apartment and heads for The Floating Rib to have a drink. He can’t deal with losing Kiki to Dillon.
“Morgan!” Nelles says as she sits down beside him.
“I’m in no mood to talk.” Morgan says to Nelle.
“I’m sorry for all that you’re going through.” Nelle says sympathetically.
“My father is gone and I may have just lost my girlfriend.” Morgan says pitifully.
“What?” Nelle adds. “I thought you and Kiki were doing great?”
“Apparently not!” Morgan whined. “I just heard Kiki confess her love for Dillon when I went to Franco’s to see her.”
“I’m sorry.” was all Nelle could say, as the two commiserated over drinks.

Meanwhile, Jax is in a jovial mood knowing that Sonny is dead. He calls Ava on her cell.
“Good job, Ava.” Jax tells her.
“Just keep your promise, Jax.” Ava demands. “I did what you wanted. Just make sure I get Avery back!”
“Don’t worry, Ava. No will ever know you killed Sonny.” Jax promises. “I made sure to make it look like AJ killed Sonny.”
(Next: Port Charles mourns the loss of Sonny Corinthos as Jax makes his move to take custody of Josslyn.)

Chapter 2

Carly looked into the mirror to notice her bulging belly, pregnant with Sonny’s triplets, about to give birth any day now. She couldn’t believe Sonny would never meet his daughters—daughters he named personally.
Life without Sonny was going to be unbearable. She couldn’t believe that AJ had murdered her husband. Carly always thought that Sonny would have a long life with her and their children…..
As she was about to head out of her and Sonny’s mansion to go to the cathedral for Sonny’s memorial service, she was confronted by AJ at the front door.
“AJ, what the hell are you doing here?!” Carly said angrily.
“I need to talk to you.” AJ pleaded.
“I don’t want to talk to you!” Carly told him bitterly.
“Please, Carly, you have to listen to me.”
“You killed Sonny!” Carly wailed on him.
“I need to explain what happned.”
“I don’t want to hear a word from you!” Carly told him angrily. “Now, just go. I have to be somewhere!”
As Carly left AJ standing at the front door, bewildered, Ava showed up to remind AJ of their agreement.
“Ava , what the hell are you doing? Following me?!” AJ demanded to know.”
“Making sure you adhere to our agreement.” Ava warned.
“Yea. Yea. Yea.” AJ said. “I am to admit to killing Sonny!”
“You know what will happen if anyone finds out I killed Sonny!” Ava warned.
“Nobody will find out.” AJ promised. “Everyone knows that I killed Sonny.”
“Good.” Ava said.
“So, when do I get the funds you promised.” AJ demanded.
“You’re a Quartermaine.” Ava said. “Go to Monica.”
“You know they disowned me after what I did to Jason.”
“Well, that’s your problem!”
“If you don’t give the funds you promised, I will tell everyone that it was you who killed Sonny!”
“And who the hell would believe a drunk like you?!” Ava laughed at him.
AJ was sunk. Ava had him where she wanted him. Blamed not only for Connie’s murder, but now he had to let everyone believe he had killed Sonny, too. How did he let things get so out of hand?

At the cathedral where Sonny’s funeral was about to begin, friends and family, as well as a few enemies, gathered to remember Sonny Corinthos.
“Welcome everyone!” Carly said after she managed to compose herself at the front of the church. “It is with sad regret that we are gathered together to remember Sonny Corinthos. . .”
Bobbie stepped in when Carly could go on any longer, “Everyone if we could have a moment of silence to remember Sonny. . .” Bobbie asked as everyone bowed their heads in memory of Sonny.
(Coming: A memorial for Sonny Corinthos.)

Chapter 3

As Sonny’s memorial was in midway, Carly went into labor with the triplets. As she was whisked to General Hospital in labor, friends and family were divided between remembering Sonny and the birth of their triplets that Carly had named, or rather, Sonny had named before his untimely death.
Lucas was waiting for Carly when she was wheeled in the front door. Ava was also waiting to take
Avery from her.
“Carly, I’m here to take Avery.” Ava said, as Carly felt another contraction. “Since it looks like you’re otherwise occupied.”
“Fine, Ava, but I’ll be by for her once I’m out of the hospital.” Carly told Ava.
“With three newborns to take care of?” Ava reminded her. “How will you ever find the time for Avery too?
Carly didn’t have time to respond as it appeared the triplets were fast approaching. As Carly was being led into her room by Lucas, Ava smiled as it looked as if things were going according to plan and she would have Avery back in her custody. She was glad she murdered him, and managed to let AJ take the fall. With Sonny dead and AJ in prison for the murder, life would finally be what it should be?
In another part of Port Charles at an undisclosed residence, a young woman was tending to an unconscious man with a gunshot wound.

Chapter 4

After a painful, 4-hour labor, Carly finally gave birth to her and Sonny’s triplet daughters with friends and family gathered for the event. Michael, Dante and Lulu, Kristina, Molly, and Josslyn were waiting to see their mother as Griffin came out into the waiting room to tell them the three little girls-- Arianna Angel, Adella Amelia and Andrea Anna Corinthos—were finally born.
“Oh, they’re so cute!” Molly cooed as she held little Adella who resembled Sonny’s mother.
Kristina reveled in the joy, having come back from L.A. to see the birth of the triplets after her father’s demise, holding Arianna. Carly was holding Andrea when Ava walked in to interrupt the festivities with Avery.
“I couldn’t let Avery miss out on seeing her baby sisters, now could I?”
“Well, thank you Ava for having the decency to allow Avery to grace this lovely day.” Carly said to her.
Avery walked over to the triplets to give them a kiss and hug, then was immediately escorted out of Carly’s room, despite the little girl wanting to stay.
Upset with Ava’s latest stunt, she decided to let Ava have her day with Avery, but vowed to get Avery back where she belonged—one way or another.
In a shack in another part of the country, the woman tended to the unknown man’s injuries, unbeknownst to who he really was.
“Where am I?” the man’s voice said waking up from his slumber.
“Sh-sh-sh-sh!” the woman told the man. “You must rest!”
“Where am I?” the man demanded.
“You’re safe from harm.” The woman told him.
“What happened to me?”
“You were shot and I found you and brought you to my cabin.”
“What do you mean, SHOT!” the man demanded.”
“It seems someone shot you and left you for dead.”
“Who would do that to me?” the man asked.
“I don’t know sir? Do you know your name?”
The man thought about it but couldn’t remember his name, “No, I don’t remember my name.”
“Sounds like you have some amnesia.” The woman reasoned.
The man lay there wondering who he was and why someone would shoot him. The woman went back into the other room to make a call.
“The man I took away from Port Charles is awake and apparently can’t remember who he is.” The woman informed the unknown voice.
“Well, make sure he doesn’t remember who he is. He can’t come back to Port Charles under any circumstances!” the unknown voice told the woman.


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