A Light That Wants To Shine

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A poem about seeing throught the eyes of a child. About how they see things without bias and negativity.

A LIght That Wants To Shine

When we look into a child’s eyes
We should see a light that wants to shine
if we see the tears that come from fear
We should be able to comfort them at times
Sometimes the torments are hidden in disguise
when we know the difference in the truth and lies
how does a child understand if we turn away
The only chance of a helping hand
how does she feel when she’s
Left alone hungry and scared in our homeland
Who will whisper I love you and who will
Comfort the hearts open wound
so early in life before their world is turned
Some are left with scars and burns
What good is love if it’s not shown
to the ones so deserving but yet left unknown
Yes it matters to each and every child today
as well as tomorrow
the world needs more laughter
and smiles not so many sorrows
It’s part of life to want and need survival
So precious are those new arrivals
a proud addition is what they should be
But what does the world look like to them
With those hungry eyes what do they see
Still, we look into a child’s eyes
and see the light that wants to shine
or do we want to turn our heads leaving them behind
We all need love, we need each other
So where is that light that so desperately wants to shine
It must be hidden in all of those little innocent eyes

They all have a light that wants to shine
Just like your child and the same with mine
as an adult we ask ourselves have we given a share
To even one of the children out there anywhere
Its never too late to participate
Why do we dare to hesitate
when the question still remains

Who will have the courage
to help that child’s light to shine ?

Author: Ramona Saunders


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I am a mother of several adopted and foster children and a grandmother to many grandchildren. In my writing you will find my inner thoughts, feelings, and opinions on life.

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