A Little Bit Mizilla - Part I

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Compilation from 2002-2004
PART ONE (of Seven)
Five poems by Angeles Mizilla



There is a dream in every heart
which will never fade.

It's a dream in every world
taking shelter in the shade

There is a dream in every heart
which follows us where we go

and loves us to eternities end
sharing life's precious glow

There is a dream in every heart
We'll share for life till itl eaves

All we ever have to do
is have faith and believe.



I should have dared to encase the butterfly
as she wiggled her wings before my face
I cried

I should have walked appreciatively through the grass
as I heard it whisper the song of growth
I ran

I should have taken the time to love
as the heart warmed
I closed my eyes,
Clasped my arms tightly about my chest
and shouted at the tyrant
who dared to make me feel

I should have seen the tyrant as the hero
to save me from my hell

I was too scared to open my soul.

3- 2002


A lonely trace of what has n'er been
A bloodshed for what we have always longed to be

Something we have always wished to have
And now,
We realize exactly how hard these lives of ours can be
And we know them
Because we live them.

Would it be fair of me to ask for what I have already been denied?
Or am I to always doubt the chance will come
Because I have not had the opportunity?

I sit alone and wait
but that is all I do.

Only for the chance I may one day have
to be somewhat better at what once had been

any normal child could have had the way to be.

And they laugh.
because they have no faith
that I can be any but who I am.

But only because they think they know me all too well
but then again...

Who am I to me
and they to them
after all?

Shall they every truly know?
or merely think they've found the answers?



I sat alone
and asked myself the questions

they were so confusing to me, myself.

and I cried
because my heart hurt.
my wonderment warped
my sense of pride
and thrown away

I have had no way
to reach comprehension.

I fear the fear itself.
It's not even up to me

to like or not
to handle or hate

still, I am trapped within myself;

Until I find a green blade of grass-
A golden ray of sun-
A happy trail to walk along-
A way to find our peace.

Below the covers
our nightmares.



She can walk
you know

She can dance
she can sing
She can teach you

On how to live.


as though...
as if...

Might you seen my face?
The burden at my bosom?

I crumple at my own feet

My eyes soar with the eagles wings
My heart, with the clouds

So be the chance to survive

I defy thee,
ruler of my dream!!!

Allow me,
my sanctum.

Allow me,
my cool drink of moist air

Allow me
the sun on a wint'ry day

And I shall allow thee
they memory

But only this.


Compilation, Dreams, Emotion, Life, Poetry

Meet the author

author avatar Angeles Mizilla
I am a single 34 year old woman. I work as a Case Aide with a Children Services agency in Ohio. I love photography, animals, reading, music, food and family. I primarily write from life experience.

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