A Loving Chore for Sex

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Sex doesn't take place just in bed; the preparations start much earlier, when we haven't thought about it yet.

A Loving Chore for Sex

Juan Restrepo was changing channels on his 42" TV, while his wife was getting out a peach pie from the oven. The aroma penetrated his lungs and brain, pervading him with an aura of peace and quiet. It had been a long time he didn't feel at home. Today, sitting on the sofa, he stopped a few seconds, taking a deep breath, inhaling with it a new found joy of life. He suddenly saw the living room with new eyes, contemplating with a smile their new upholstered furniture. He caressed the leather of the sofa, and thought: "Today is the day."

His wife appeared from the kitchen holding the peach pie they would take to the church activity.

-- Aren't you happy Ludmilla? This is the first time in 22 years that we go to church without a care in the world.

--Yes, Juan, but I still miss my little girl.

-- OK, I understand our nest is empty, as you say, but look at it from the good side of things --Juan said, getting up from the sofa and holding Ludmilla by the waistline.

-- Be careful, Juan, you almost made me throw the pie on the floor!

Juan Restrepo had been waiting for this opportunity for years. Now he could have his wife all for himself, finally, without sharing her attention with his daughter who got married a week ago. Juan felt a new sense of privacy, a freedom he considered a new venue for them to be happy. Over the years, filled with preoccupation and anxious engagement with material things, seeking the so called prosperity, they had seen their love life dwindling almost to nothing.

-- Tonight I'll dance and I'll be as romantic as you had always wanted me.

-- How come?-- Ludmilla said.

-- Because I love you.

-- Mmm, something is going on. OK, what do you want? Remember, we still have to buy the soda pops we need to take to the Fourth of July party.

Ludmilla placed the pie softly on the table.

--Hot, hot!

--But not as hot as you, my love-- Juan found his way towards intimacy, saying it with unaccustomed, romantic flair.

-- I've been working all afternoon, cleaning the house, and then preparing the pie, while you, what have you done for me to feel comfortable?

-- My love, I'm just trying to be loving and caring with you. Isn't this what you have been asking me during all these years?

Ludmilla started to cry, and picking up the border of his new, colorful apron, she started to chew on a blooming rose, clenching her teeth, trying with all her heart to keep silent.

-- Don't make me talk--, she said.

Juan stared at his wife, feeling foolish, without a valid answer. For the first time in his life, they had the opportunity to improve their sex lives, but then again it seemed there was no progress in sight. He felt deeply disappointed, and said trying to show himself a little more caring:

-- Honey, listen to me, is there anything I can do that will make you more agreeable to my feelings? Right now, I'm hurting a little with your rejections.

-- You ever thought why, Juan?

-- Yes why, why? Tell me. I'm asking you to tell me what’s the matter, I'm even asking you to tell what is it that you want from me, for goodness sake?

-- Do you want to know?

-- Oh, yes-- he said challenging his wife with a shadow of indignation in his voice and demeanor.

-- I want you to help me.

-- I kill myself working...

-- So do I-- Ludmilla said.

-- What is it that you want?-- Juan raised his voice a little more.

--I want you to wash the dishes, for a start!

Ludmilla went to her husband, and kissed him. Then, she added softly and tenderly in her ear:

--Go, do it now...


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author avatar D in The Darling
21st Apr 2011 (#)

What a story! Sharing chores can really smoothen the road to the bedroom. Thanks for sharing!

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