A Lust for my Servant (Dream)

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Young boy who wants the love of her life but can't have her.

A Lust for my Servant (Dream)

It was a Monday morning, I was sitting outside by a oak tree that was taller then any normal oak tree. I was eating my breakfast when she approached. She sat down next to me and asked me " Hows your morning so far?" I replied " Meh, same old morning" She stared at me blankly, and sighned. I asked her what was wrong. she didn't answer, she moved closer to me and asked me, Have you ever felt alone? I replied "yeah, sure everyone feels alone."
"No not that type of alone, I mean like you know."
I looked at her while she stared at me. She was wearing white t-shirt that was so tight you could see her bulging breasts. She wore all white pants, and could tell she was wearing a red G-string. I took a deep breath, and asked her what she mean, she took me by the hand and drugged me to the locker bay. At this time no one was there, it was just plain to early.
I looked at her as if she was crazy, she then bluntly gave me a kiss so softly that it sent a sensation through out my whole body, at the very moment my heart stopped. She grabbed my hands, and placed them on her hips where she had me pinned against the lockers. She then stuck her tongue deep into my mouth I closed my eyes and swirled mine back into hers.
She took me by the hand and took me into a room where it was empty. Some how she got the key I really do not know and at the moment didn't care less.
She took off her shirt, and placed my hand on her chest kissing me again. uncontrollably I rubbed her soft breast, while kissing here again, She sat on top of a desk and open her legs widely. I layed her down slowly and softly, unbuttoning her pants.
I then pulled them down slowly show her up wet g-strings, she smiled at me then took them off. I kissed her neck then ran my hands down here body, touching her wet pussy. She moaned slightly. I unbuttoned my pants, and pulled out my cock, she bent down and rubbed it slowly. I then looked at standing up fully as she laid back now. I hesitated for a moment, as i was about to fuck this hot body, she was not hesitance and said "fuck me please, I beg. you". I penetrated her wet warm pussy, she moaned slightly. I looked at her. Thoughts ran through my head "Am I really doing this?"

Splash of water hit my face, Wake up Jake. I jumped out of shocked, not noticing I had a boner, her face turned red. I looked down, and quickly tried to hide it. I looked at her she wore tank top, and shorts, the short was red and the shirt white, the shorts was so tight, that you could see the lips of her pussy. Jake, you will be late if you don't get going, I nodded. and quickly got dressed. I fell she started to laugh. "That not funny Crystal!"
I was full dressed and was heading out the door. I barley got out the door in time to get on the bus. I sat down, couldn't stop thinking of how real that dream was. Good morning Jake! Oh hey sal. I said bluntly.
I see Crystal moved in with you,
"Yeah she has."
Hey, getting lucky?
No, Sal she just a friend.
Hey friends can be boned too Jake.
No Sal, I wouldn't do that to Crystal.
You know you would Jake, Just admit it.
This is my stop I must go sal. I got off the bus and walked inside, The club was all cleaned, and ready tonight. I walked up to my office and looked at the financial status. That I pulled up on to my computer.
*to be continued*


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author avatar Funom Makama
9th Oct 2011 (#)

Great article. Reading a piece like this makes me feel lucky to be part of this community. Keep up with the good work.

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