A Lust for my Servant (Series)

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A shy colledge teen falls inlove with one of his best friends, he tries to hide it because he doesn't want to ruin there friendship.

A Lust for my Servant Part II (Diary)

What is love. Is it mixed emotion of lust and desire for one another. Is it the caring of one well being. Is it the courageous acts that one may do for one another. Love is word that is undefined. It is one of the most difficult questions to answer. Maybe it is the connection that each friend share each day, maybe love is just luck.
Maybe love is a Davine curse that we mistake for a positive feeling, as most of the time love brings negative things. I mean you can fall in love at any random moment with anyone, all you need is that connection. And that person could be someone you could never have, or be with. I hate to say it as hate is a strong word but I hate love.
Love can also be betrayed as lust. Example: A smooth frail face shined in the sunlight as if she was angel, the way her hair flowed it is like a river. The eye's that are ever so blue, reminds me of a sunlight afternoon.
Is that lust, because I admire and lover her for her looks? Does that make me wrong?
I mean I just don't like for her looks but her attitude, she shy never the less out going at some sometimes, and smart.
The Feeling I feel is like river that soon cuts off to be lonesome, and soon to be dried up and become built up with the urge to flow like it use to.

She seem more then a friend but very well taken, the moment I think of her, my heart skips a beat, my stomach flutters, my skin goes pale. She always on my mind, awake, or sleep. Her memories never stop flowing.
When I am away I feel depressed, when I near I feel so warm.
Don't get me wrong, i am writer but a terrible poet.
But do I love her, or is it lust.


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