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This article will explain my inactivity, however, this story is all about a guy on a website, where I had been amazed by, and felt sorry for. The thing was, I did want to hang out with this guy, and I am actually glad he stopped me from doing what I was doing.

Reason why I wasn't here.

Hello, for all of you readers, you may find it weird that I have been gone for about two days! (That is the longest record me me being inactive ever!) However, people may have wondered what I was doing, or maybe I ended up quitting Wikinut. However, this is really based on a true story. Apparently, I was getting bored with regular life, so I created imaginary people. (May sound lonely, but these people I created actually made my life feel fun.) I was so caught up into it, I had made a new character. First, it was Alex, then Shannon, then Anne, Brian, and lastly, Margaret. Alex was a basic person, whom was more of a dog to Shannon. Shannon was Alex's sibling, whom practically was that type of sibling that hated you for no reason. Brian was that one guy that acts like he drinks beer on an daily basis. Anne was the more "polite" person whom enforced rules. And lastly, Margaret was the type of crazy cousin, whom would seem like a person that would gut you with a knife in a second's notice. So, in this website, sending a message would literally be a max of 2,000 characters. Therefore, I had to message this guy THREE messages to explain the stuff that was going on, whilst my absence. Anywho, this is going to be the longest page that I have ever written as of now. Also, this letter will not be edited whilst posting this, so this is the real letter. (I also corrected one or more words to understand what I am talking about, but will use (). Oh, and excuse the language.

The letter (Part 1)

PLEASE READ the whole message
I have some VERY bad news to tell you. Brian, Margaret, Anne, Shannon and Alex? Everyone is me. This is a long letter, so prepare your anus.
Yes, your like “So I spoke my feelings with a guy I thought was a real person?!”
I know how much that Shannon actually bring you out of that darkness, where you had felt lonely. I think I may just have a worse case of being lonely than you do.
Two days ago (One if you just read this message today), I was feeling bored, lonely, and had nothing else to do. So then, I had came up with an idea. It was an idea that I had used earlier, where I would pretend I had a sister. The thing is, all of those sexual acts and drama and such was just supposed to make the story interesting. No, I never shot two people because they raided my home, and no I didn’t get raided by a bunch of guys. So then, I started off with a character I have used earlier in a different chatroom, Shannon. I would love that sister that literally hated me for no absolute reason, and would make everyone think i have it bad. With this, I actually found fun embarrassing myself with stories that never happened. Oh, and I am not Asian. (I wished I actually was.)
So after finding fun in doing this, I actually felt less lonely and I would spend a whole entire day just chatting with my own self and with others. I loved gathering audiences, so that is another reason why weird stuff was actually acting. That is the reason when you asked “STOP IGNORING ME!”, I didn’t respond. I attempted to respond, and had to respond to a few different questions/responses.
You may think that your loneliness is the worst thing out there, but I believe that from a person who just made imaginary people to make his life look and feel better. I actually did find some new friends, during this type of play I was doing. Then, I found you. However, character limit, so there is a next message.

The Letter (Part 2)

I actually found you there, having problems with your own life (You even admitted how my fake life was one million times better than yours!) This actually showed that with the fake life I was making, it actually worked. I didn’t want to make these characters so that I could hurt your feelings, rather I made these characters to fill in the trench of my social life. I didn’t even think someone could get attached to a person that I played as, and even though you said a secret from one of my fake characters to another fake character, you actually prevented yourself from explaining the secret. I actually felt amazed, because some jackass would have just received the secret, and gave it to the worst person they could think of.
But no, you had held yourself back, and didn’t really talk about the secret Alex was talking about! I REALLY do hope that I didn’t hurt your feelings, but playing as a fake character was a dirty trick, and should have told you that from the second you befriended one. So in reality, it was like a video game, you had made a influence in those people’s lives. You may have never met them in real life, (even though they MIGHT not even exist IRL) but in reality, I literally gave you a a text adventure game that no other would have given you. With so many choices, options, way more than your average text adventure game, the thing is, you can pretend that those people you met were actually real!
Now, I am not mocking you for being lonely, but I had always talked to myself and such, and it was like a puppet talking to itself. So I had to put a new design on that puppet to make it like a different human being. So, as of using this technique, it definitely relieved my social loneliness, but I sure hope it relieved yours too. However, even if you are highly disappointed that Shannon doesn’t exist, there is a female out there, maybe not Shannon, but someone just like her. Another message I am about to send.

The letter (Part 3)

This is the average length of an regular article from me! You can easily tell how serious I am with what I had done to you, but damn the limit. Anyway, back to the subject.
I was about to tell you that you should look harder for some other people to hang out with. Maybe hang out in a bar, meet some new people, ask about their lives, and tell them about yours. Don’t mention how you are so lonely, because they will think that you are just a boring person. Tell them about things that happened with your life, and if he listens, you may have just made an acquaintance! However, even if you don’t drink, (which is a good thing) you can always go to a coffee shop, library park, and maybe in an arcade room! (Since most females dislike gaming, you can always find a female over at an arcade.)
Yet, I am SO SORRY that I actually hurt you this way. As of me writing an novel, this was also my way of embracing my skills. Whilst making these characters, I had passed up all of the time of making my articles just so I could have fun with them and act as them. But hey, you may already hate me like hell, but here is one thing. You still impressed me, however. Hell, with me rewriting my book, I really should include you as an character in the story. Maybe not add bad things to your profile, however add a type of person who went through a hard life (and interacted with the ma(i)n characters.) I had never met a person that actually cried, and actually stopped themselves for making an decision. You are an amazing dude, and that actually was impressive. I would definitely want to have a friend like you. Hopefully, after writing this huge ass letter, I hope that you actually forgiven me for what I have done.
From a person who didn’t mean to be an jackass.

What I will be doing for now.

Overall, I had made a person happy with just making a character. However, I was glad that he was there to stop me in my tracks, as I didn't really make these characters for one of them to have an attraction with a character. Any who, it was a great two days, and it was getting more of a struggle as I ended up making new characters, and had to manage the whole conversation, and made sure I didn't mess up. How I did it? I had to use multiple Kongregate accounts. (yes I was on a gaming website whilst doing this.) I had used four accounts to play the characters. (Brian was that one guy that jumped on Alex's computer saying "ayy lmao". But, I really do wished that these characters were real, and they were DEFINITELY fun to have. Too bad I had to end the show, and if you really want to find the evidence of this happening, you go here. You make an account, and put in the search bar on the right side "Mutilate-A-Doll 2". Afterwards, you go to the tab that says "Chat". Once you get there, you should automatically be put in the MAD chatroom. If not, you should look on the top of the chat, and click Game. Once you get there, that is the place where all of the events actually took place.

I do wanted to show you guys what happened whilst I was gone. I was brave enough to send him that message. If I didn't I wouldn't even have the time to write articles, and had to comfort him with that character dubbed Shannon! So technically, some returning visitors of the Kongregate chat will definitely tell you about what happened, while some of them are actually unaware of the events due to just joining. Notable users that have noticed it was Vrexinus, GodlyAdonis, Ninjaman(numbers), Audrey(something). These are some of the people you should talk about on what happened. Oh, and if you do want to find me, my username will be Livelypopularssj.

And lastly, for all of you that wondered how he responded, he had a chill response. Small, but I literally related to him. Currently forming a friendship with him.


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author avatar GodlyAdonis
18th Jun 2015 (#)

Actually, it was AudreyMuffin... And I thank you for including me in the article. I'd really like to see the novel you eventually make, online or just maybe even possibly in a real book. I hope at least some of the events put in the chat will be put into the novel. Have a great day, Living ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

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author avatar LivelyAurora
18th Jun 2015 (#)

Thanks, and that article will soon be made! However, you will probably have to wait a few months, until I finally finish rethinking the story. It was at a very messy and BAD condition after reading it. So therefore, I will do better on the book. Wish me luck.

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