A Man Swallowed by a Shark in Australia

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A man caught a shark and he climbed inside the shark's belly so that he can have a picture to show to the world how he survive from that shark.

Swallowed Fisherman Tried to Force Himself Out

This man caught this shark. It's really a great shark. When he caught it, he made sure that this shark was dead before he gutted it and then crawled inside its body to have his own picture showing how he tried to survive inside.

When he was inside the shark's belly, he tried to force his left hand with knife in the shark's gills portraying that he really tried his best to kill this creature.

Then his friend took a snap of him and produce it and post at Metung Hotel in Australia. Many came to see the great picture. They can not believe how this unknown fisherman survive inside the belly of the shark.

So many people commented about it and they don't even know that the man is there also listening their words.

Everyone Wants to be Famous

Wow, there are many things to be famous in this world but this unknown man, (he wants to remain unknown) do something different. Let us look for his courage, crawling inside that stink belly. He can manage to be inside and pretending to fight inside it, put his hands on its gills and struck his knife in between its eyes.

I know many will believe what the picture shown but its all a portrayed drama.

Jonah, a Missionary Man

I remember one of the story in the Bible. It's about Jonah. He was there inside the shark's belly for three days because God wants to teach him a lesson. Jonah was a missionary man whom God sent to Sodom and Gomorrah to teach the people to repent for their sin. For if they will not repent, God will punish them. But then, instead of him to go to that two places, he went to Tarshish. He wants to get away from the eyes of God.

Who will get away from the eyes of God? Nobody. We are his creature and He knows where we are and He knows what is good for us.

Jonah Thought that God will Let Him Do what He Wants

So he took boat to Tarshish but that night, a strong typhoon came and all the passengers were afraid prayed to their god and asked for help but typhoon continued to be strong and all of them were scared.

Jonah was sleeping soundly down the deck. He knew in his heart that its the work of God but he tried not to mind it. He thought he was safe down there. One of the sailor, saw him and brought him up there and asked him to pray for his god.

Feeling guilty, he told the sailor that he is the cause of the typhoon. So he asked them to throw him in the ocean. They don't like to do because even they believe not in the Almighty God, they don't want to kill anyone. So they draw a lot. Whoever get that mark stick, he is the cause of the typhoon.

Jonah was Swallowed by the Big Fish

A big fish swallowed Jonah when he was thrown out in the sea. He was there in the mouth of the creature for three days and three night. Some say, he was in the belly of that big fish. If he do, then he might not alive after three days. The acid inside will digest him. So I believe, he was just in the mouth of the creature.

For three days and nights, he realized his mistakes and promised to the Almighty God that he will do his mission. So after the third day, the fish went to the beach and opened his mouth and there Jonah, alive, in the eyes of the spectator of Sodom and Gomorrah, came out from there and begun witnessing and preaching to people.

Saved People

With Jonah, once, Sodom and Gomorrah, became righteous in the eyes of God. Inside the fish, Jonah realized that no one can get away from the eyes of God.

We are like in a stage drama where we play our role and God is the director and spectator. So as human, we do our thing, our mission, not for ourselves to be famous like that unknown fisherman but be famous in relating to people about the Savior who died on the cross to save us from sin.

The man remained unknown for I believe what he did is a stupidity. He even ashamed of what he done but if we do our mission to human being, we will be known in the kingdom of God. And that is the legacy we can make while we are on earth.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
3rd Aug 2013 (#)

Nehrus, survived with a little bit of luck along with his faith in life and because of manmade gadgets like the oxygen tank and the knife.

Jonah was a non-believer who needed to have faith to be able to survive in the belly of the whale.
Einstein was famous for his brain knowledge and usage of his brain capacity more than the average normal human being.

With regard to all three there was an intervention of the hand of God that showed life came to those who believe because that is the way it is....

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author avatar Cristiana
3rd Aug 2013 (#)

Thanks for your wonderful comment. God bless

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
3rd Aug 2013 (#)

We know what is right - the intuition comes from our conscience that we are born with but we get lost in a world that is ruled by hypocrisy - but those who live by their conscience realize bliss, whatever be their beliefs or none at all - siva

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author avatar Cristiana
3rd Aug 2013 (#)

Thanks Siva for your wonderful comment. God bless.

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author avatar Retired
3rd Aug 2013 (#)

I definitly would not want to crawl into the belly of any big fish. Interesting story with a great lesson.

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author avatar Cristiana
3rd Aug 2013 (#)

Thanks Carlfold. In every story we made, we have lessons to get. Thanks for your wonderful comment. God bless.

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author avatar Mike Robbers
4th Aug 2013 (#)

An interesting albeit weird story. Thanks for reporting.

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author avatar bronnamdi
8th Aug 2013 (#)

A nice story showing that men can do anything just for recognition.

Jonah knew God but felt he could sail to Spain where God cannot see or find him. He was wrong. Not only did he not get to Tarshish (Spain), he found himself in Niniveh where he had to deliver God's message.

Some of us are called by God to deliver his message of salvation and hope but we are running away. God will eventually find you and you will either do his will or pay for it.

Get to work now and deliver God's message to the world.

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author avatar Cristiana
9th Aug 2013 (#)

We cannot run away from God. Heaven and earth is with Him. We are His too. We must do our best to proclaim the salvation of me and this is the day or the time to do the works of God. Prepare the Lord's coming and be zealous in the things of God. Let the Holy Spirit be with us forevermore. Amen. Thanks for your godly comments brother. We are workers of God.

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