A Medley of Magical Happenings....

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I have collected for you some of my most meaningful poetry writings as i love magic and mystery and fables of yore...times long gone but for me the magic still remains..enjoy

A Journey of She

Searched She did but never found
buried deep in space it was
fulfillment of Her dreams~~~

Her path through eternity had commenced
black holes Her passageways
leading to universes beyond~~~

She did not want to lose Her way
for dark indeed was night and day
columns of Light She built
inside of which Spirit did stay~~~

now as wended She through space and time
within Her resounded magic Sound
a million melodies
tracing cross Her visage
beams of Light~~~

how blessed is She~~~


from heavenly space She came
skeins of magic all around
each coloured differently
each of a different sound
the Lady of your dreams~~~

a portal opened wide
through which a mystic came
She who wandered far and near
traversing inner..outer space~~~

a journey began
billions of years or more ago
remembered throughout time
as all lifetimes are
buried deep inside~~~

one day the knowing of all this
opened up its door
allowing knowledge to be accessed
through Her mind
Her eyes and more~~~

tales now can be told and knowledge shared
to those who have eyes to see
ears to hear
who now are on their journey home
as i am too~~~

Dance of She

She glowed
as if a fire burned within
She danced
unearthly music could be heard
a million stars mingled in the sky~~~

wind blew
a power mighty in its force
carrying all in front
sweeping away regret~~~

in forests and glades
gathered men round
listening to the ghostly sound that issued far and wide
a warning something had arrived~~~

along top of hedgerows
wild vines spread arms
they curled and grasped and pulled and shrieked
strange images appeared~~~

still She danced and whirled and twirled
high above the ground
angels came and visited
harps played
then all was gone~~~


thank you all who work at Wikinut especially Sam and Peter Giblett for their caring support over the years...
also all my dear friends here.


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I have been writing on food, wine, travel, cosmic creation and erotica for over 30 years I do horoscopes and numerology and light readings.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
8th Jun 2018 (#)

thank you Peter...all the best...

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
8th Jun 2018 (#)

Carolina, I do believe this is your best work ever. My favorite part is "Dreaming" it reminds me of you. I hope all is well with you.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
9th Jun 2018 (#)

many many thanks dear Nancy...i am in a strange space nowadays as if in two places at once...but i am well..
i do hope you are and congratulations on all your writings they are marvellous...you are a great story teller...love and light and blessings...

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
10th Jun 2018 (#)

Carolina, thank you so much for such kind words and I'm glad that you are well.

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author avatar Retired
11th Jun 2018 (#)

Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
13th Jun 2018 (#)

mmany thanks for looking dear LifeisGood...

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author avatar M G Singh
12th Jun 2018 (#)

So lovely like you

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
13th Jun 2018 (#)

ahhh dear Madan...always lovely seeing you...

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
13th Jun 2018 (#)

Lovely my dear Carito!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
13th Jun 2018 (#)

many thanks my good friend Fern...

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