A Midnight Swim

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Benny goes for a late night swim with her best friend.

Midnight Swim

"Come on Blazer," Benny said pulling the boy down a dark and path in the middle of the night. "It'll be fun." Blazer looked at her "But I don't want to go swimming now." he said trying to release his arm from her iron grip. "I can't see anything."

"That's the point, " Benny said "It's a great night for swimming."

She stopped for a moment to rub his bare chest "The moon is full and the air is calm and warm."

"And I wanted to swim with you alone for a long time." Benny said whispering into his ear. Blazer sighed. She put her nose into his soft white chest.

Blazer looked down, his face turned red. "But I'm not wearing a swimsuit." he said. Benny smiled "Just swim in your jeans," she said "no problem." She took his hand again and they started down the trail.

Blazer felt embarrassed about being out here alone with Benny. he was still too young to be interested in swimming with girls. He felt guilty about sneaking out of the house.

Blazer was embarrassed about his chest, it was small. His body was skinny and he look like a girl.

It was so dark, when the two rabbits came to the lake they almost fell in! The moon shined on the dark water. Benny sat on a rock and slipped of her sandals. Blazer sat on the dusty ground watching her. Benny began to remove her shirt. Blazer looked away.

"Are you afraid of watching me take off my shirt?" she asked with a giggle "or are you just embarrassed".

"I've never seen you remove your shirt before," Blazer said nervously looking at his bare feet. Blazer rubbed his chest fur. Benny threw her shirt on the ground then stood to remove her shorts.

"OK, you can look now." she said Blazer stared at Benny. She was wearing a blue string bikini with fit her body very well. Benny took his hand "Come on," she said "let's get in the water together."

"They held hands and waded into the water. The cool water felt good on Blazer's bare chest. They waded chest deep and dove under . Both surfaced on their backs and floated in the water staring at the starry sky.

"I'm glad I came," Blazer said "You look hot."

"So do you," Benny said smiling.

The two rabbits floated in the lake until dawn.


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author avatar M G Singh
22nd Mar 2015 (#)

Nice post. I have swum in the sea at night with my GF

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