A Mother's Instinct: A Nelle/Michael/Kiki Triangle (General Hospital Fanfiction)

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Nelle is furious that Michael is getting closer to his ex-girfriend, Kiki. Will she resort to extreme measures to keep him?


Nelle is furious as Michael gets closer to Kiki after her split from Dillon. Nelle resorts to extreme measures to keep Michael away from Kiki. But how far will Nelle go to make a family with Michael? Elsewhere in Port Charles: Sonny deals with his father’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, Maxie learns to live with Nathan as her baby is about to be born and Lulu’s career threatens her marriage to Dante.


Michael Corinthos Quartermaine – Chad Duell
Nelle Benson – Chloe Lanier
Kiki Jerome – Hayley Erin
Carly Benson-Jacks-Corinthos – Laura Wright
Sonny Corinthos – Maurice Benard
Mike Corbin – Max Gail
Maxie Jones-West – Kirsten Storms
Peter August – Wes Ramsey
Leslie Lu “Lulu” Spencer-Falconeri – Emme Rylan
Dante Falconeri – Dominic Zamprogna
Dr. Lucas Jones - Ryan Carnes
Brad Cooper - Parry Shen

Chapter 1

Nelle was tired of waiting for Michael after he promised to meet her at The MetroCourt when he finished his day at ELQ. She decided to treat herself to dinner at TheMetroCourt and got the surprise of her life: Michael was having dinner with Kiki…and they looked like they were pretty chummy.
“So, instead of having dinner with me like you promised, you’re with Kiki?” Nelle accused Michael.
“I’m sorry, Nelle, but Kiki called me at ELQ and needed to talk.” Michael explained to her.
“So you just decided to have dinner with Kiki?!”
“I’m sorry, Nelle, I should have text you, but I honestly forgot about our plans.”
“Yeah, I’ll bet?” Nelle glared at Kiki. “Stay away from my man!”
“Nelle!” Michael reprimanded her. “You and I aren’t together!”
“But we are having a baby together!”
“Nelle, Kiki and I are just friends.” Michael said straightforward.
“Well, I hope you keep it that way!” Nelle said before walking off.
“Don’t tell me? Hormones?” Kiki said after Nelle’s outburst.
“I’m sorry, Kiki. Nelle had no right…” Michael tried to apologize for Nelle’s behavior.
“You don’t need to apologize for her.” Kiki told him. “I’m just glad you came.”

At the Corinthos estate, Sonny was spending time with his father as he bonded with him, despite his Alzheimer’s diagnosis.
“Mike, I’m sorry for how Rita left you, but you have a home here.” Sonny tried to get through to him.
“We had plans to spend the rest of our lives together.” Mike said.
“Well, I guess she couldn’t handle the news of your illness.” Sonny tried to reason with his father, but knew it was futile.

Meanwhile, Dante and Lulu were in the middle of a fight over her career as an investigative journalist. Lulu had gotten the story of her life and it was taking over her life to the point she was neglecting Dante, Rocco and Charlotte.
“I’m sorry, Dante, I’ll make it up to you after I write this story.” Lulu promised.
“You’ve been making promises for weeks.” Dante reminded her. “Meanwhile, Rocco and Charlotte are suffering without their mother.”
Rocco came out to the living room when he heard his parents arguing again, “Just stop it!”
Lulu, feeling guilty over her neglect of her children and husband went over to hug him, “Mommy is sorry, but when I get this article finished, we’ll go out for ice cream. Does that sound alright?”
“Yes, mommy.” Rocco told her with a hug.
Dante couldn’t believe Lulu would make another promise to their son, knowing she would probably break it for another story.
“I can’t believe you!” Dante yelled before he stormed out the door, leaving Lulu alone with Rocco.

Chapter 2

Nelle had to get Kiki out of Michael’s life. There was no way she would allow Michael to get back with his ex. First Carly, now Kiki. Those two bitches…they weren’t going to win.
Nelle wasn’t jealous of Kiki. Or Carly. She didn’t want the truth to come out…and with Carly and Kiki…they would surely find out the Nelle’s secret! And Nelle couldn’t have that!
Nelle planned to take her secret to the grave and be with Michael until she died. No could know that she agreed to be a surrogate for Lucas Jones and Brad Cooper, so they could have a baby. Nelle planned to renege and take the baby before he or she was born and raise the baby as Michael’s.
But Nelle didn’t know it…but someone was in Nelle’s quarters at the Q mansion rummaging through her belongings—a certain blonde-haired woman! And bingo…they got what they were looking for!
Nelle sat at a table waiting for Michael to meet her for coffee at The Metro Court…but alas, he was a no show…
At ELQ, Michael was hard at work when Kiki barged into his office…
“Michael, I have it!”
“The proof that Nelle’s been hiding!”
“Nelle’s hiding another secret?! Somehow I’m not surprised?!”
“Yes, it’s a DNA test. It shows you’re not the father of her baby?”
“All this time…she lied about me being the father of her baby!” Michael said anger in his voice. “Does it say who is?”
“Yes, it does. It says Lucas Jones.” Kiki said, confused.
“How could Lucas be the father of Nelle’s baby?” Michael said, equally confused.
Michael knew what he had to do…talk to Nelle and straighten everything out. But on his way over, he was stopped by his Uncle Lucas.
“Michael, we need to have a talk.”
“Not now, Lucas. I’m a little busy.”
“It’s about Nelle.”
Michael turned around when he mentioned Nelle’s name, “what about Nelle?”
“Nelle reneged on a contract that we made.”
“Contract?” Michael asked, beginning to see the picture.
“Yes. She agreed to be a surrogate for Brad and I so we could start a family and now she says she won’t give the baby up when it’s born.”
“Thank you Uncle Lucas. I just found out that she had DNA tests done proving I wasn’t the father but you were. You straightened everything out for me.”
“What are you going to do about it?”
“With Nelle’s state of mind, we have to precede cautiously.” Michael told him. “We need to outsmart Nelle and get the baby to you and Brad when it’s born.”
“I agree.”
Nelle wasn’t going to know what hit her when the baby was born…but no one knew that Nelle was eavesdropping on Michael and Lucas’ chat when Nelle came to ELQ to see what was holding Michael up.


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