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During my younger years, I was blessed with traveling to different parts of the country. Getting to see the United States is always a treat, but when you're a child, it's even more so because of new people, experiences and places. This is just such an experience, when I was in the 6th grade and was introduced to Petoskey, Michigan.

A Not So Quite Recess

When I was growing up, my father was in the military, the United States Army to be exact, and every few years we would be transferred to a new location; to one of the many military bases in America at the time. This particular transfer landed us in Petoskey, Michigan; where I met my friend Gretchen and learned the honor of making a friend. I was a loner, a reader and I despised school, but to my surprise Gretchen was just like me; we needed each other and during our time in Petoskey, I learned to value a companion and a friendship.

On this particular day everything started out as usual; I walked the five blocks to school; loitering on the playground, while waiting for the bell to ring that would announce the beginning of my day. As usual school was boring and today was no different, at least, until the bell rang for the first recess! I rushed out of the classroom, then skidded to a sudden halt, when I observed the kids from school lining up in four rows on the playground. Oh no! I thought; I had forgotten it was shot day! One of those days required by the school system to fight an early flu-epidemic during Nineteen Sixty Two and I was very unsettled; the military is un-yielding about shot records being 'up-to-date'. I knew my shot record was 'up-to-date', because we had just been transferred to Petoskey and it was a requirement at the beginning of a new school year.

Needless to say, I got in line and after a few moments I felt a tap on my shoulder; I turn around and observe a small girl crying her eyes out. I frown...

I ask, what's wrong?

The girl says; I'm afraid!

I frown again, telling her there's nothing scary here! Just follow and watch me! By the way...

What's your name?...I ask.

Etchen...she says.

What?...I say.

My name is Etchen...she repeats.

I don't understand what you are trying to say!...I state.

As the line moved closer to the nurse, I realized she had said her name was "Gretchen". I turned around again and patted her arm...

Don't worry...I say, I'll be there too!

Once my turn was finished; I asked the nurse if I could hold Gretchen's hand; the nurse nodded because she noticed Gretchen crying and probably figured it would be easier to let me stay, rather than try to convince Gretchen it wouldn't hurt.

After we were both finished with our shots, we went to the swings and just started chatting about our families and how much we hated school, realizing we both had a lot in common. I found out Gretchen lived on the same block and today is her third day of school. Her father is military and they also were recently transferred too! I thought that was pretty ironic; of all the students out on the playground, Gretchen lived near me and also walked to school too! I thought to myself...How had I never run into her before? Now, I had someone to walk to school with and talk to, too! After awhile, Gretchen stated, she had to use the bathroom and took off inside, while I stayed, swinging until the first bell rang.

The first bell rang so I headed to the back of the playground where the doors were; as I was walking along the side of the building I noticed the outside lamps were huge; four feet long; scroll work on both sides the color of black gun metal and are attached to the side of the building, hanging down into a sharp edged wedge. My mind was in the clouds, thinking about my new friend Gretchen and how happy I was. Being serious for a second; I asked myself...will my head fit under those lamps?...just as someone shoved me from behind...my head hit the wedge! I was so surprised and stunned, that I just stood there shaking my head to dispel the dizziness, then I nonchalantly continued on to class where I sat waiting for the teacher to return.

I finally noticed Gretchen; she was sitting in the seat in front of me...I can't believe I never paid any attention to my surroundings. Just as I was about to say hi to her, she started turning toward me, but just stopped and started screaming! I didn't know what was going on!

What's wrong?...I ask.

Gretchen just stared and pointed at my head. I reached up and felt my head...there was a lump on my head and my hand came away wet and sticky! Then I felt the blood running down onto my face, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how it got there! Meanwhile, the teacher had come in...rushing over to see what the commotion was all about. When she realized I was hurt, she told me I was in shock and had to go to the nurse's office. I heard Gretchen ask if she could walk with me to make sure I got there a without any mishaps. My teacher just nodded...

Come right back...she says to Gretchen.

So, off we went, holding hands and jabbering like two magpies in a puddle! The nurse called my parents and I was taken to the emergency room; I survived with thirteen stitches and a day off from school, but all I could do, was talk about my new friend.

As one of the most memorable events of my school days, I owe a lot to Gretchen. She taught me to honor a friendship and the value of companionship. She showed me I wasn't alone and had a friend to help with problems. We were best friends for three years while stationed in Petoskey and we did everything together. The sad part is, I lost contact with her, but haven't forgotten her by any means. I miss her and still love her to this very day. The values of companionship and friendship I learned from Gretchen, my first true friend. I still carry her close to my heart, even today in Two Thousand and Twelve.


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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
12th Mar 2012 (#)

A friend in need is
friend indeed. Nice essay and thank you.

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author avatar Kay Renfrow
12th Mar 2012 (#)

Thank you so much. You are correct. I always think back to that time and use it as I meet new friends. Kay

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author avatar Buzz
12th Mar 2012 (#)

Very pleased to meet you, Kay. This an article I enjoyed reading. Welcome to Wikinut.

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author avatar Kay Renfrow
12th Mar 2012 (#)

Hello Buzz, Pleased to meet you also and thank you for the warm welcome. Kay

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author avatar Denise O
21st Mar 2012 (#)

Being raised a AF brat, I can so relate. My first best friend was a girl name Kim and we also lost contact so many decades ago but, I still think of her and our times together often. Very nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Kay Renfrow
22nd Mar 2012 (#)

Thanks Denise! I appreciate your feedback. Yes, I do wonder where Gretchen is and what she's doing. I have searched for her with no luck. Must be married! Kay

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