A New Love: A Griffin & Ava (Grava) Romance (GH Fanfic)

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Griffin has made his decision when he tells Ava he loves her. But Ava, unsure that Griffin wanted her or the priesthood, is sucked backed into the mob world when Julian asks her for a favor from Pentonville. Will Ava be able to get out of her promise to Julian, or will she lose Griffin? Other romances are on rocks when Franco’s dark side emerges and Kiki is faced with a decision that threatens her romance with Dillon?


Griffin has made his decision when he tells Ava he loves her. But Ava, unsure that Griffin wanted her or the priesthood, is sucked backed into the mob world when Julian asks her for a favor from Pentonville. Will Ava be able to get out of her promise to Julian, or will she lose Griffin? Other romances are on rocks when Franco’s dark side emerges and Kiki is faced with a decision that threatens her romance with Dillon?


Griffin Munro – Matt Cohen
Ava Jerome – Maura West
Kiki Jerome – Hayley Erin
Dillon Quartermaine – Robert Palmer Watkins
Franco Baldwin – Roger Howarth
Elizabeth Webber – Rebecca Herbst
Morgan Corinthos – Bryan Craig
Dr. David Bensch – James DePaiva

Chapter 1

Ava had never been happier. Griffin was a wonderful man. She never wanted to do anything to hurt him. The last few nights spent in bed with him were magical…magical? Who the hell was she? She never used that word? Was she in love? For the first time in her life? Gee, love must do strange things to you?
As she reflected on the men in her life—Franco, Sonny, Scott. They couldn’t compare to Griffin. Then it happened. Julian called from Pentonville. He had a request. No, rather a favor.
Julian wanted her to keep an eye on the gallery in his absence. Who was she kidding? What Julian really wanted was to get back into the mob business.
And Ava did it! She could never deny her brother anything! Whatever Julian wanted—she did for him!
She just hoped Griffin never found out. She didn’t want it to ruin their romance.
Speak of the devil—for lack of a better word—Griffin was at her front door.
Elsewhere in Port Charles, Kiki was at General Hospital checking on patients and making sure they were comfortable when she heard a page over the PA system: Kiki Jerome, line #2!
As she went to retrieve her phone call, she nearly tripped over Dillon who was making a surprise visit to see her at work.
“Dillon?” Kiki said, more irritated than happy.
“We’ve been missing each other a lot this week, so I thought I’d bring you some lunch?”
“Oh, how sweet!” Kiki said gratefully with is peck on the lips.
“You seem busy?”
“Yeah, and to top it off, I was on my way to the nurse’s station to retrieve a phone call when I ran into you.”
“Oh, well, I will let you go, for now!” Dillon said with a kiss before letting her get back to her work.
And at Franco’s studio at General Hospital….
Franco was working on a painting when Liz came by to see Franco.
“Working on another painting?” Liz said as she attempted to view Franco’s new work, but Franco quickly covered it up with a tarp.
“Not ready to show it yet?” Liz said, half jokingly.
“Well, you know an artist never reveals his work before he’s finished.”
“Touché.” Liz agreed.
“What did you need?”
“Just to see if you wanted to go for some lunch now that I’m on a break?”
“I’d love to, but I’m kinda swamped at the moment.”
“Oh, okay. Later then?”
“Yeah.” Franco said as Liz left him alone to do his painting.
Franco took one look at the painting of a injured young boy with blonde hair. Could it be Drew? Or just some random little boy?

Chapter 2

Ava met with Julian against her better judgment. But she had to help her brother. They’ve been through so much, she owed it to him. Surely, Griffin would understand her dilemma? At least, she hoped so?
But Griffin wasn’t too happy when he spied Ava meeting at The Metro Court with her mobster brother. Despite his religious past, he despised Julian and wanted Ava out of Julian’s life. And he was seeing red when he saw her with Julian.
Ava felt confident after her meeting with Julian but didn’t expect the fireworks when she got back home.
“So, you were with him!” Griffin railed as soon as Ava got into her flat.
“How did you know?” Ava asked, not sure if she wanted to get into it with Griffin.
“I saw you with Julian!”
“It was just a meeting, Griff---“ Ava defended herself.
“I don’t want you near that mobster!” Griffin continued his tirade.
“Chill out, Griffin.” Ava began, but Griffin didn’t want to hear what she had to say. He walked out of Ava’s apartment, leaving Ava unsure where she stood with Griffin. And after she made arrangements to never deal with Julian again.
Meanwhile, Franco was feeling guilty keeping secrets from Elizabeth about his past. He was set to come clean with her when he was knocked cold.
When Franco woke up, he found himself being held captive by Jim Harvey.
“What do you want, Harvey?” Franco asked, looking scared.
“I want you dead!” Jim Harvey raised his voice at Franco, bringing back flashes of the past.
Franco saw bits and pieces of him and a little boy being hit. Was the little boy Andrew? Franco got his answer when Jim Harvey’s thugs brought in Drew Cain and left Drew and Franco alone in the room.
“So, imagine us, alone in the same room.” Franco said, trying to break the ice.
And, Alexis was tired of everyone telling her to stay away from Julian and Julian assuming she wanted him back. Yeah, it was true, but Alexis just wanted Julian to stop. Then she got a crazy idea.
“Julian, I hope you enjoy life, because I’m enjoying mine.” Alexis told Julian, trying not to gloat.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Julian questioned her.
“I mean, I have a new guy in my life.”
“Oh, and just who is this new guy?”
“Well, I don’t know where it’s leading…but Finn and I have been spending some time together….” Alexis purposely left Julian hanging.
Julian, feeling jealous that Alexis was getting over him, added, “Yeah, well, I have a new woman in my life too.”
And as Kim Nero walked into Charlie’s, Julian grabbed her and impulsively kissed her, leaving Alexis shocked.

Chapter 3

Kim was caught off guard after Julian kissed her, but Alexis felt a twinge of jealously at Julian’s impulsiveness and his need to make her jealous.
After Alexis left Charlie’s, Julian and Kim were faced with the kiss he gave her. The next thing they knew, they were in the storeroom heating things up.
Alexis, on the other hand, found herself at Finn’s doorstep.
“Yes, Alexis?” Finn asked when he answered.
“We need to talk.” Alexis told a confused Finn.
“What about?”
“Well, for one, Julian thinks were serious about each other.”
“And how would he get the idea we’re serious about one another?”
“Because I told him we were.”
“But I’m dating Anna?”
“Well, then we’ll just go out on dates for appearances’s sake?”
“O.k. but I hope Anna will go along with it?” Finn said, unsure that she would.
Meanwhile, Franco and Drew were coming to terms with being held hostage by Jim Harvey. Drew was confused as to why Harvey wanted him, and that’s when Franco filled him in on the past about Betsy and Betsy’s claim on the “truth” of the past as he remembered it.
After Franco’s confession, Franco and Drew made a pact to find out what happened years ago and they both agreed that when they got out of their predicament, Betsy needed to be found.
But Jim Harvey put obstacles in their way to keep his identity secret.
Kiki went to her mother’s flat and was met with Ava’s tears instead.
“What’s wrong, mother?” Kiki asked concerned.
“I’ve lost Griffin!” Ava told Kiki through her tears.
“What happened?”
“Griffin left me!”
“What did you do, now!” Kiki said, thinking Ava did something to deserve it.
“He saw me meeting with your Uncle Julian.”
“He broke it off with you for that?”
“He thinks I’m working him!”
“Well…are you?”
“No!” Ava lied, knowing she was but Julian was holding her hand.
“I fixed things with Julian so I could avoid him and have my relationship with Griffin.” Ava continued her lie.
“Well, Griffin isn’t going to get away with it!” Kiki said, running out of Ava’s flat to give Griffin a piece of her mind, to Ava’s glee. It was good to have Kiki on her side in this one, even if Ava was lying to everyone.

Chapter 4

Griffin went to the only place that seemed to give him peace and that was the church. As he talked with God, he became convinced that leaving the priesthood was a mistake. He decided to meet with the priest and see if he could come back to the church.
The meeting with the priest was eventful and Griffin was back at the church as a priest, provided he give up his new relationship, which Griffin was glad to do.
Griffin was glad to be back as a priest, although it would be hard to give up Ava, it was the right thing to do. Griffin didn’t want to deal with Ava working with her mobster brother. He couldn’t have no part of it! He hoped Ava would understand.
But Ava intended to make Griffin see her side of things. She was shocked when she saw him out in Port Charles dressed as a priest.
“Griffin, you’re a priest? Again?” Ava asked him.
“Yes, Ava, I went back into the priesthood.” Griffin said matter-of-factly.
“So, it was because of Julian?!” Ava said hotly.
“Yes. I can’t have you a part of Julian’s life!” Griffin said before walking off, not giving her a chance to explain herself.
Ava was beside herself. She couldn’t lose Griffin, especially not to God. She had to get him back! And she intended to do just that!
Meanwhile, Kiki was facing her own demons. After meeting with Dr. Bensch, she felt violated when he kissed her during a meeting. But the worst thing was Dillon’s reaction. Not only did Dillon break things off, he sent her a text saying he had moved on with an actress in his moving he was making.
Kiki felt alone. She never made it to the hospital to do her rounds. And class was the last thing on her mind. Instead, she found herself at The Haunted Star, where she drank herself to oblivion…until a handsome stranger sat down next to her.
Too inebriated to notice, Kiki didn’t see that it was Morgan who sat next to her to talk. As Kiki rambled on about her pathetic love life, Morgan listened patiently for Kiki to notice he was alive. But Kiki passed out instead.
Morgan carried Kiki off to a secluded motel so she could sleep it off…..
He couldn’t wait for Kiki’s reaction when she woke up to realize who helped her out.


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