A New Start

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Chloe has lost her love at Christmas, and she vows to make changes to her life in 2017. Read on to find out more.

A New Start

Even before Big Ben had chimed in 2017, Chloe had decided to change her life. Instead of staying for hours at the party, and downing cocktails until dawn, she finished off her glass of champagne, said goodbye to everyone at the party, and went home.

Brett had been hanging around her all evening, and she had wondered if a fling with him might help to mend her broken heart, but she knew that the only lasting impression an evening with him would leave, was a king size hangover the next day and a feeling of embarrassment every time she saw him at work.

She was sure 2017 could only get better, after meeting Nathan, who she felt was really special, she had enjoyed six months of a harmonious relationship with him, and then suddenly it was all over. After all their plans to spend Christmas together, on Christmas Eve he had announced.
" I plan to go away."
" Go where, and why at Christmas?."
She couldn't help sounding angry, this was such a blow to her.

His refusal to tell her anything, or to say when he would return had totally destroyed her faith and trust in him. So her Christmas was spent alone in her flat, she couldn't face seeing her friends, or even going to visit her parents. They would all feel so sorry for her, and she didn't want that, she wanted to be strong, and keep her tears at bay. The only time she allowed them to flow , was in her bed at night, she wanted to cry that man right out of her system.

New Year's Eve

She had weakened in her resolve to give up men when Brett had texted her and invited her to the party. Everyone from the office was going, some with partners and some not. Brett was single, not bad looking, and she did wonder if he was the answer to take her mind off Nathan, but she had never before had a one night stand, and was not about to start now.

He had been the perfect gentleman, and arranged a taxi home for her, she had declined his offer to accompany her, and he hadn't pushed it. Once she was back in her flat, she could nurse her broken heart away from do gooders and prying eyes.

When she got out of the taxi, she could hear music and laughter around her, and fireworks were going off. Was she only person who didn't care that 2017 had come? She had loved and lost in the last year, and right now the idea of a new beginning meant very little to her.


Nathan had just spent the loneliest week of his life, but it had taught him one thing, life was too short to waste any of it sulking. He had arranged it all, a flight to Paris with the girl he loved, a stay at a really snazzy hotel, which had cost him all of his Christmas bonus, and then he had planned to ask her to marry him on Christmas day, he even had the engagementwrong.

Chloe, who had a temper to match her beautiful red hair, hadn't given him a chance to explain that THEY, were going away, not just HIM. She had slung him out of the door, and then locked it so he couldn't get back in. Nathan had been so outraged by her behaviour, he had gone to Paris anyway, alone. He couldn't eat or sleep that week, and all he seemed to see was lovers strolling hand in hand.

So he decided to start 2017 as he meant to go on, and he arrived at the flat, let himself in, and waited for Chloe to return. His New Year resolution was to grow up, and stop sulking, and tame his little feisty redhead.


When Chloe let herself in, she saw Nathan's shoes in the hall. Her naturally quick temper was simmering at his effrontery for coming back here after leaving her at Christmas. But her heart argued back, maybe he had a good reason, and she should listen to it.
" I didn't expect to see you." her voice sounded cool, she had to protect her heart from him, especially when he sat there with his limpid brown eyes, beseeching her to care as much as he did.
" Chloe, do you love me?"

She marvelled that he could ask such a thing, but then he couldn't see the dryness in her throat, and the pounding of her heart.
" I do, but how about you? Why would you leave me at Christmas without a word of explanation?"

Nathan swallowed before answering, he was going to be the bigger person this time, because he wanted her back no matter what.
" It was stupid of me to sulk the way I did, I meant for us both to go away to Paris, I wanted to spend Christmas there with you When you got angry, I got sulky"
Chloe had a mental picture of that night, she had been tired and hassled, fighting her way through busy traffic to get home, and she knew at that moment she had assumed the wrong thing, and her famous temper had ruined it all. She had behaved like a child.

She ran over to his chair, and grabbed his hand. " Nathan I am so sorry, this year I am going to try hard to manage my temper, "

His arms went round her, and they both knew that is was time to grow up, 2017 was going to be a new beginning, and together they would achieve it.
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