A New Translation of Ezekiel Chapter 23.

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Translation of Ezekiel Chapter 23. from the Hebrew Old Testament. Leningrad Codex. These 49 Verses are translated from the original Hebrew by Jorg Morgan, M. A.

Translation of Ezekiel Chapter 23. from the Hebrew Old Testament. Leningrad Codex.

Then the word of the Lord came unto me, saying:

Son of man, two women, daughters of the same mother, committed fornication in Egypt.

They were promiscuous when they were young. There they [i]the Egyptians[/i] caressed their nipples, and they fondled their virgin breasts.

Their names were 'Ohola, who was older, and 'Oholiva, her sister, and the two of them were for me. So they birthed sons, and daughters. And their names: Samaria 'Ohola, and Jerusalem 'Oholiva.

Now 'Ohola had lots of sex under me. As well she had sexual-desire for her lovers, upon the war-like Assur, who were dressed in blue — officers and magistrates — all of them the choicest of desire, pairs of horsemen, riding horses.

So she had sexual intercourse with them, the choice sons of Assur everyone, and with each which she desired among all their idols debauched herself.

And her promiscuity from Egyptian (days) she has not forsaken, because they bedded her in her youth, and they fondled ('isu. "did") her virgin breasts, and emptied (shafak. poured out) their lust on her.

So I gave her into the power of her lovers, into the hand of the sons of Assur, who she desired.

They stripped her naked. Her sons and her daughters they took, and killed they by the sword, and she got a name among women, since they dominated and did ('isu) her.

But her sister 'Oholiva watched, and she yielded even more to her desires, and was more promiscuous in her sexuality than her sister.

Upon the sons of Assur she desired officers and magistrates, war-like, exquisitely dressed, pairs of horsemen, riding horses, youth to desire, everyone.

Then I was she was debauched, the same way, the both of them.

But she intensified (tosef. added to) her erotic passion, and she imagined men portrayed upon the wall, images of the Kasdim, drawn in red, with kilts belted upon their hips, and unnecessary tiaras on their heads, every one in appearance like a captain, appearing like the sons of Bavel, Kasdim being their homeland.

She desired them at their first appearance, and sent messengers to Kasdim unto them; so the sons of Bavel came unto her to the bed of loves, and they debauched her with their insatiable sexuality, and she was debauched by them, and they took her soul, from them.

So she revealed her promiscuity, and revealed her nakedness, so she dislocated my life, just as my life had been dislocated by her sister.

But she heightened her insatiable sexuality, a reminder of her young days, when she was promiscuous in the country of Egypt,

And she desired to be their paramour, whose flesh is like ass-flesh, and whose semen is like the semen of horses.

So you revisited the sensuality of your youth when the men of Egypt fondled your breasts, for the sake of your undeveloped bosom.

Therefore, 'Oholiva, thus says the Lord Jave: Certainly I will arouse your lovers against you, the ones who took your soul from you, and I will bring the gang surrounding you, the sons of Bavel, and all the Kasdim, Peqod, and Shoa' and Qo'a, all the sons of Assur — officers and magistrates — all of them the choicest of desire, pairs of horsemen, riding horses.

And they will beset you with weapons, chariots with wheels, and a collection of peoples — weapons and a shield, and a helmet, set ganged round you. I will give them judgment, and they will judge you with their justice.

So will I set my zeal against you, and they shall do you in anger. Your nose, your ears, taken away, and whatever is left you shall fall by the sword. They shall take your sons and your daughters, and whatever is left the fire shall consume. Then they will strip you of your clothes, and take all your jewels.

So I will stop your sensuality and sexuality (learned) from Egypt, so you shall not cast your eyes on them, and Egypt you shall not recall again.

Thus says the Lord Javé, Certainly I will give you into the power of your haters, who took your soul from then, and they shall do you with hate, and take away your "works", and forsake you, naked and denuded, and there shall be revealed your naked sexuality, and your sensuality, and sexual immorality.

These things will be done to you in your promiscuously imitating the heathen, since you have been debauched with their idols.

You followed your sister's path, so I will put her cup in your hand.

Thus says the Lord Javé: Your sister's cup you shall drink. It is deep and wide. You shall be for a joke and laughter. It is full to the brim. Intoxicated and sorrow you shall fully fill, a cup of shock and shuddering, the cup of your sister Shomron.

You shall drink it and drain it, and gnaw the shards, and tear off your nipples. Indeed I have spoken it, says the Lord Javé.

Therefore, thus says the Lord Javé: Because you forgot Me, and threw Me over your shoulder, you will also bear your sensuality, and your sexuality.

Then the Lord said unto me: Son of man, will you judge 'Ohola and 'Oholiva? amd then declare unto them their abominations.

For they did adultery, and blood is on their hands, and they have done adultery with their idols, and also their sons they had by Me they have dedicated to them to be consumed.

Again, this thing they have done to me. They have polluted My holy place on that day, and desecrated My sabbaths; and when they murdered their sons for their idols, they came to my holy place the very same day to pollute it. They did this in My house. And also that you sent for men to come from a far place, that messengers were sent to them, and so they came, so that you washed, kohled your eyes, and put on your jewels, and lay on an impressive bed, and your table was set before it. And you set My incense and My oil upon it.

And the sound of a crowd, was at ease there, and unto men of many a man, who came drunk from the desert, they gave bracelets on their hands, and magnificent crowns on their heads.

So I said consumed with adulteries, yet they had insatiable sex with her, still her, and shall continue to go unto her, like going to a prostitute, even so it was with 'Ohola and 'Oholiva, the sensual women.

Righteous men shall judge them, adjudged adultresses, and as bloody women are judged, for they are adultresses, and there is blood on their hands.

For thus says the Lord Javé: a gathering shall go up against them, and give them for oppression and booty. Then the gathering shall heap stones upon them, and carve them up with their swords; their sons and daughters they shall kill, and their houses with fire they shall burn.

So will I stop sensuality from of the land, and all the women shall be corrected, and they will not do according to your sensual ways; and I will put your sensuality on you, and the sins of your idols you shall carry, so you will know that I am the Lord Javé.

23 Ezekiel
49 Verses
translated from the Hebrew by Jorg Morgan, M. A.
Note: Assur is Hebrew for the Assyrians.
Shomron. Samaria.

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