A New Zealand Sea-lion, Close-up

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On a seaside settlement of Kaikoura, situated midway between Christchurch and Picton on the rugged east coast of New Zealand's South Island, is wondrous place called Kaikoura, where I had this amazing connection with what I thought at the time was a seal. But as it turned out it was instead a dangerous Sea-Lion.

Kaikoura’s Seal, Really a Sea-lion

From majestic shores I traveled far, from LA, and visited across the sea;
To Kaikoura’s enchanting place where the air, there, is freshest to breath.
Watching waves of the sea echo on to the shore, a Sea Lion was resting there.
I dove in and swam to the rocks, and some Sea Lions there just stared...

Walking my way towards one I had a sudden sense of fear and danger-!
I felt as if I was trespassing their territory there and I was no royal ranger.
Back on land a sea-lion was there; I thought he was now on my island.
Tourists taking pics, car-lengths away, warned; as I went near the Sea Lion.

One cried: “they’re as fast on land as the sea, and they can grind-yah a-bit!”
“He doesn’t have teeth and he’s got puppy-dog-eyes-,” then I had to quit.
Carefully I drew near not taking my eyes off him; nor did I shriek or sigh.
Strange he didn’t charge me; as I was a foot away looking deep in his eyes.

He watched me as if to say: “Really, you can’t be as dumb as you look-!”
Intently I thought, “Well, you can’t be as dangerous AS THEY SAY…!”
Still carefully I withdrew thinking: he didn’t know how dangerous I was.
Then I hadn’t known he was a sea-lion, or I wouldn’t have gotten close.

Hosting to a Lion Tamer at Denny's

Hostessing at Denny’s, a friend pulled me aside to meet her friendly guests.
“These are friends of mine wanting to talk to you of your great tale, at best."
Thus I moseyed on over and saw them a lovely kind, with a lion trainer friend.
Often I was encouraged to tell my tale for the smiles they finally would lend.
In Kaikoura there were seals everywhere, so I dove-in near the rock island.

There two were a matched-pair, but I got a danger-sign on the rock’s floor.
'Spite the gentle sea breezes, and large beasts, I thought I’d go back on shore.
Soaking wet I dried in the sun; but was on my territory and I would not run.
Slowly 'eye to eye' we stared; then one called-out 'danger,' but this was fun-!
Beautiful seal (I mused) with your puppy-dog eyes; at which time he did roar!

I should've known the danger, for ones car-lengths away; I slowly leaped back,
Miraculously standing eye-to-eye, after gliding backwards, I gave a sigh…
Realizing “never a moment would be as this" for all time; I tell you no lie.
He looked at me, as if to say: “You can’t be as dumb as you look, to stray.”
Boldly my stared gazed back: “well you can’t be as dangerous as they say!”

My guests stunned, till a distinguished man spoke; “How big was that seal?”
“Oh,” I replied, “about a yard in length and height." Lady he began to reveal;
I have worked with lions of all kinds; that wasn’t a seal- but a SEA LION!”
“Well, had I known that, perhaps I would have been more afraid of dying."


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author avatar Melissa Dawn
19th Feb 2012 (#)

I love sea lion's! this sounds like a beautiful experience Milly, thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
19th Feb 2012 (#)

What an interesting experience.

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author avatar Milly
19th Feb 2012 (#)

Oh Melissa, me too! Although I really had no idea they can be so dangerous. Thank you Melissa!

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author avatar Milly
19th Feb 2012 (#)

Hi Mark, thank you; yes this was a memorable experience indeed! Later I came to realize many more, with other strange and wonderful pets as well (lol).

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author avatar ittech
19th Feb 2012 (#)


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author avatar Milly
28th Feb 2012 (#)

Thank you ittech!

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author avatar Songbird B
27th Feb 2012 (#)

Creative and vividly descriptive poem of your encounter, Milly..Nice work indeed!

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author avatar Milly
28th Feb 2012 (#)

Wow, you really do inspire me Songbird; "thank you so much!"

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author avatar Val Mills
13th Apr 2012 (#)

Loved this! Kaikoura is truly a beautiful place, I live in NZ :-)

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author avatar Milly
14th Apr 2012 (#)

Val, "good to meet you,” thank you for your positive impute and beautiful critique!

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