A Passport Story

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When a country is very corrupt, government officers there can do things you will never believe they are capable of committing. Won't you find out?

An International Passport Story

A Passport Story
This poor man left his country of origin to earn a living abroad. Before his international passport expired, he had to go back to the country of origin to apply for a new passport. He went home and applied for one. The immigration department knew he was working abroad and demanded three months of his basic salary from that country. They knew his basic salary, surprisingly. It was also very common for the immigration officers to ask for under the counter payment by telling you that your passport application had not yet been approved. And they also tell others their applications were in progress. Once you pay the corrupt money, your passport is suddenly available.
This poor guy was not able to produce that amount in one lump sum. So his new passport was held back by the officer. Nothing could be done because in that country corruption was rampant, just like India. If he did not report duty after the two weeks leave, he would lose his job abroad. What do you think he did? He consulted an old friend. This old guy said he knew some fishermen who went out fishing every day in the early morning and only came back at around three o’clock in the afternoon. All of them were Muslims. How can fishermen help you to collect your passport? These honest Muslims did not ask for one cent. They told that poor guy to board their sampan early in the morning, dressed as a fisherman.
At around two o’clock in the afternoon, another fishing boat arrived from abroad. These people came in to collect the fish caught by the fishermen who came in the morning. They weighed the catch and paid cash on the spot. And they allowed that man without a passport to board their sampan and brought him to their country.
That poor guy landed in a fishing village with no travel document but then people around thought he was one of the fishermen. The following day, he reported duty and continued to work in that company.
This is just another story about how a person can end up as a stateless man. Do you have one to tell us? People from the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand would often ask how could the public allow this thing to happen. The truth is no matter how high up you go and complain, no action will be taken and you also put your own life at risk. In some countries, the Prime Ministers can sack the judges without any valid reason.
Official corruption was epic in scale in that country. Dangerously schizophrenic behaviour of ruthless and tyrannical government officers is common. Hooliganism was still a big issue. Catalysts for progress are integrity, reliability and openness, and they are always lacking in most countries. In some parts of the world corrupt, evil and aggressive politicians can simply raise any claims. And they are good at covering up scandals, or hiding the truth. We are living in a ruthless, tyrannical, dog-eat-dog world.
One thing I know for sure. Mr. Obama will never believe such a story. Perhaps the CIA does? Any all the young talents in the US will ask: why don’t you complain to the higher authorities? The truth is from the bottom to the top, everyone is corrupt.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
28th Apr 2014 (#)

interesting and what a shame people have to suffer such indignities...

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author avatar pohtiongho
4th May 2014 (#)

Carolina: Thanks for the feedback. People in Western countries normally will not believe such stories. To them they always say you may complain to the higher authorties. The fact is in some countries the prime minister is the number one corrupt person follow by his assistants and then all the government officers. It is beyond cure.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
30th Apr 2014 (#)

Nice post!

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author avatar n.c.radomes
12th May 2014 (#)

We are living in a ruthless, tyrannical, dog-eat-dog world.

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author avatar pohtiongho
8th Jul 2014 (#)

There are over 108 340 registered Indonesian voters in Singapore, and 22 266 of them cast their ballots in Singapore at Indonesian embassy, on Sunday July 6, 2014. Why are the Malaysians not allowed to cast their votes in Singapore? Now, which country is more advanced?

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