A Piece of Her Life: Not Your Typical Massage Story

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Your back aches. Your head hurts. You are throwing tantrums all over the place. Relax, friend. You are reading the right article. Read on and I'll share something worth forgetting your achy aches for. :)

Relax and Be Healthy

Relaxation is the elixir for great health.

You heard me right. That means if we all be calm and relaxed at every moment, we’ll never be complaining about being sick again. However, that’s not the case. We all fight an invisible enemy everyday of our lives. You were awakened by the startling sound of your alarm clock and it is 30 minutes past 7 o’clock. How on earth are you going to excuse yourself for being late in your class the nth time around? You barely finished the outline for your Comm3 speech and there’s no way you could turn back time. To make things worse, here’s the love of your life coming your way and you look like the cross of a Dreadlock Zombie and a Flappy bird with your messed up hair and tired look. Whether it’s the strain of rushing to work, trying to meet a deadline at school or just relationship statuses, everything goes down to the BIG WORD- Stress.

So often life experiences can be exhausting and leave impressions on our mind and our bodies that weigh us down, stealing a quality of life we can only dream of getting back. Imagine the best day of your life; one where you had the most energy, clearest mind and utmost resiliency to stressors. Visualize achieving your best within a mere hour – no pills, painful shots or nasty side effects. The person I will talk about today turns these imaginations into reality.

Today, I have the opportunity to introduce you to Miss Aya, a massage therapist at Hand Med Alternative Health Care Center. I interviewed her after her work with the Koreans and experienced the therapy myself. Before the interview, I didn’t know Miss Aya- now I do.

Today, I will share to you her story of becoming a massage therapist, her rewarding and hard times at work and her advice for a successful, well-knitted life.

Following the flow of the river and going with the crowd as they say, Aya settled down with a guy he met in high school at an early age. Apparently, she didn’t finish schooling. If given a chance, she might end up being a nurse someday due to her parents’ nagging. Parents really have influence on their child’s college degree. However, she really wanted to pursue teaching. The need of work to meet her own family’s needs and to finance the expenses of bringing up her own child left her no choice but to find a decent job.

Fortunately, a good friend introduced her to massage therapy. She started off as an observer, underwent a month of training and applied for a job vacancy at Hand Med. Of course, she was accepted. That was the turning point of her life.
As an employee of Hand Med, she experienced some ups and downs in her work. She really takes passion in all that she does. For her, taking this job is like shooting two birds with one stone. It’s rewarding for her family as well as to people like you and me. It is her family’s anchor of strength and our elixir for great health. In contrast, tough times are also part of the picture. Working with six consecutive clients a day is pretty tiring. Combine it with the pressure of providing excellent service and meeting their expectations. Not to mention that Hand Med is well-known to foreigners visiting Aklan during festivities such as Ati-atihan.

To those aspiring of being an overcomer, heed this advice from Aya herself. If you’re riding the boat of hardship during a stormy weather, avert your gaze from the storm; keep your eyes above the waves, and be excited for what’s up ahead. It might not be the paradise you dreamed of but it’s more than that. It’s the trophy of fulfilment of sharing your skills while helping others.

In a nutshell, in this age of technical, and at times, impersonal medicine, there’s a woman named Aya who offers a drug-free humanistic approach. She is a living testimony of luck and diligence, an overcomer of life’s hurdles and the epitome of the cliché that goes, “When life throws you lemons, make some lemonade.”


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