A Poem About Dysfunctional Families

M. J. Joachim By M. J. Joachim, 13th Jul 2010 | Follow this author | RSS Feed | Short URL http://nut.bz/63sqxtpa/
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This is a poem about broken families. Weep with me for the children of dysfunctional families. Understand how history repeats itself, defeating future generations. Feel the confusion as each person comes to terms with his reality. Believe in the one that vows to be different, changing the course of history for all time.

Broken Families

Journey to the other side of childhood
Adults longing to be young
Replaying over and over again
Songs that were never sung

Broken dreams, shattered emotions
Life's blood shed on the tattered course
Shameless rantings - ravings battered
Anger and rage, but never true remorse

Alone, on the other side of dawn I watch
As history repeats crimes against each one
New generations silently suffer
Abandoned and turning to stone

Bruises aren't the cause of this
Nor fear of fighting back
Hopelessness and loss of love
Turns brilliant worlds quietly black

Visions stifled by broken hearts
Reflecting pain and sorrow
Learning from the lessons taught
Yesterday repeated or ignored tomorrow

Finding peace within the turmoil
Options few claim can be real
Choices made with so much purpose
Keeping newer hearts from turning to steel


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author avatar M. J. Joachim
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author avatar Petra Newman
15th Jul 2010 (#)

Oh M.J. what a powerful poem. It is so sad. I hope you weren't writing from experience.

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author avatar M. J. Joachim
15th Jul 2010 (#)

Words from the heart, Petra, and compassion, empathy and love for those who can't or won't break free.

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author avatar tangee2
16th Jul 2010 (#)

This is a very powerful write up,and one that can only be expressed from a loving and understanding heart...thank you for sharing this with us....

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author avatar M. J. Joachim
16th Jul 2010 (#)

It's my pleasure, Tangee2. Thank you so much for your comments.

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author avatar Melissa Dawn
16th Jul 2010 (#)

Powerful stuff! Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar C. Michael Davis
20th Jul 2010 (#)

Well written. As a teacher, now part time teacher, I see the horrible affect this has on children. I am looking forward to reading more of your work.

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author avatar M. J. Joachim
24th Jul 2010 (#)

Thank You Michael. You can see lots more of my work on Helium: http://www.helium.com/users/325858 My poetry is listed in the Creative Writing Section. Thank you so much for your interest:)

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author avatar Tranquilpen
20th Dec 2011 (#)

Well you have already explained above that you write from personal experience. Hauntingly beautiful content reflected by a wise and caring spirit, I am the eternal optimist and believe that we are required to learn from these trepidations. God blesses you my friend.

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author avatar Brittany
24th Oct 2013 (#)

This is very deep stuff. Hit's home for myself, and I know I am not alone. Thank you for sharing

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author avatar Sindy
17th Jan 2014 (#)

If the world had more people like you, it would be such a pleasant place..... Powerful writing, contextualized with love and humanity... Thank you M.J, as an aspiring writer who lost inspiration, I will be reading more of your writings to draw inspiration to start writing again.

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