A Poem About Motherhood

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Once a woman experience the joy and pain of motherhood, her life will never be the same.


There had been ups and downs
Series of anger and fuming madness
A cry for battle
Whatever that means ...

But one thing is for sure
A change awaited a woman’s life
Slowly ... bodily changes
Physical ... emotional were seen

Months of anguish and expectations
But alas! ... the little creature appeared
A ray of hop and happiness
A sunshine to behold and cherish

Motherhood may have taken a different path
But it is the greatest gift
A woman can ask for
It is the essence of what a woman is...


Motherhood changes a woman's life. Some accepts the joy, happiness, difficulties and problems it bring and hurdles all of it and prove to be a better mother. Others are always in denial that they are already mothers or soon to be mothers. Babies are always a blessing may it be planned or not. Not all can have babies , so cherish and be glad that God has entrusted a human being in your care. It only means that God trusted and have faith that you can rear and protect them.


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I am a full time employee, part time mom as my work gets much of my time a wife that has an on and off duties to her husband (hubby's abroad most of the time). ..and I so love blueberry cheesecake!

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author avatar joyalariwo
16th Dec 2013 (#)

Hi Avaya, nice poem you have here, coincidentally I am reading a book titled "the joys of motherhood" right now it is interesting, will review it soon.

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author avatar Legend
17th Dec 2013 (#)

Great poem of the noble work of all womenkind!

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
18th Dec 2013 (#)

Nice poem! Happy Holidays and nice to read your excellent posts and looking forward to 2014!,

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author avatar Kingwell
1st Jan 2014 (#)


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