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Okay, I guess Poetry you can take or leave...it isn't for everyone, but...please, just stop, just for a moment... and before you pass me by, take a minute to hear my plea...It just might make your day...and mine...
For all Poets...everywhere on-line..

A Poetic Plea.....Won't you read me.....?

I am just one of the many who
as a Poet, gets restricted views...
Like so many, we submit a page....
Write down our thoughts, now here displayed.
I accept it isn't to everyone's tastes,
yet Poetry, should still have a place..
Sometimes the insight it can give,
can guide you, in the life you live...

When we write, we all expose...
a talent for verse, that ebbs and flows..
And all that we should ask of you,
is now and again, give us a View...
As words ignored or often passed,
cannot live, or fulfil their task..
Those words that are so rarely read,
lie like a corpse, are just as dead....

So Poets All, Support Each Other...
Through our words, we may yet discover...
...the confidence to help us grow,
to build up our own Portfolio.
I ask you now to hear my plea,
and let us work, interactively...
And for Followers who peruse and post...
A Heart-felt 'THANKS', to you I toast.

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author avatar Songbird B
Hi there! I am Songbird B, and I am a semi-pro female Jazz vocalist. I have a huge passion for Jazz music, and I love writing Poetry, which I have done all my life. I am very Spiritual in my beliefs, and love Photography, Music and Garden Design....I...(more)

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author avatar richardpeeej
30th Apr 2011 (#)

Well said Songbird my friend I second all that you are saying here. I love supporting your work and the poetic works of others on here too as you do yourself. Great share and well expressed and all in a poem too......

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author avatar J Meckes
30th Apr 2011 (#)

Very well said Bev and so poetically. :0)

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author avatar aden kendroemen
1st May 2011 (#)

The words you pen, like offspring grow
They join reality’s ebb and flow.

To touch the heart, inspire the soul
They toddle where, we do not know.

Given them freely without care
The Muse commands that you must share.

In fertile minds they find their place
To then enhance the human race.

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author avatar Maria Malone
1st May 2011 (#)

Love this, well said!!

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author avatar Retired
2nd May 2011 (#)

For poetry is but pulse and rhythm,
It flows from the heart.
We write for pleasure and cry in pain,
It is but a word play art.

All of us can write and believe,
But the best meaning is known to them.
All they do is read and relive,
The works from the inking stem.
For we write because we can,
Not to create support.
We write to help assuage heart span,
And to build a Creative Rapport.

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author avatar jayababy
2nd May 2011 (#)

found another Songbird on Wikinut!! Great share Ajyanna!

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author avatar jayababy
2nd May 2011 (#)

hi Songbird, how to praise this? A precious one from the heart!! Khuddos to u...

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author avatar Delicia Powers
2nd May 2011 (#)

Thanks for such lovely thoughts and always such artful poetry Songbird!

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author avatar Ram Bansal
5th May 2011 (#)

A very meaningful statement. Dear Songbird, your musical name fascinates me. If you are on facebook, we can be good friends there.

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author avatar Songbird B
5th May 2011 (#)

Thank you all so much for your comments...I hope that I have touched a chord deep within each poet with this plea..and made our non poets aware of how much a comment about our work can mean to us....Bless you all...
Sorry, Ram Bansal, I am not on Facebook, but it is lovely to catch up with you on here...It is really nice to have you back with us...

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