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My latest book will be published on 6th April. Here is an appetite whetner.


I never thought about becoming a writer until my 3rd child was born. Phil was born with severe learning difficulties, poor health and autism. But he fought against all his difficulties, and contrary to the doctors predictions, by the time he reached 21, he was in much better health, with the possibility of a future.

I have always been very proud of my son, although he was born at a time when children who were different were hidden away, and mothers were made to feel it was a disgrace. But you know it can happen to anyone of us, and my motto is THERE BY THE GRACE OF GOD GO I I count myself lucky to have been born without difficulties, I am not sure I would have had the courage to shrug them off and get on with life the way that Phil has.

So because of my son's courage, I was inspired to write his biography. MY LIFE IS WORTH LIVING! I am sure if he could speak, that is what he would say. This book is almost sold out, as nowadays there is a lot more interest in autism, and it is a recognised condition. We are shortly selling the rights for it to be reproduced in paperback and on kindle. This is very exciting for me, as I have used my writing to try and raise more awareness of autism, and the paperback will reach a much wider audience.

My other Books

It was a while before I wrote anything else, as my family were still at home, and life was busy. The need was not so strong in me, as it had been to share Phil's story. A few years later, I penned NOT JUST AN AFFAIR, which was about a couple, who were both unhappily married, they meet and fall in love, and as they both have children the fallout is devastating. But is their affair the reason for the fallout, or is there something else going on? You have to read it to find out.

About 3 years ago , after watching quite a few dramas, I decided to write about something dark. It's no good ignoring the fact there are some evil people in this world, and so Sadie Morton Brown was created. She will stop at nothing even murder, to get what she wants. The book is simply called EVIL WOMAN.

I couldn't have known just how successful this book would be, but it seemed everyone liked reading about Sadie's evil deeds, and when the reviews started coming in on Amazon, my readers were keen for a sequel.

So then EVIL WOMAN...Takes revenge was written, and in this sequel, the reader is able to find out whether something in her life precipitated Sadie's evil deeds, or in fact was she simply born evil, with no excuse for her behaviour, except maybe mental illness.?

I returned to Autism

Having written a lot of articles over the years about autism, and also because it has touched our family, makes is a very interesting subject for me. I was constantly trying to learn new ways of communicating with Phil, and trying to make his life easier for him especially as he is unable to speak.

So when I found out that in the 1960s, less than 6 years before Phil was born, the mother was being blamed for the child's condition. I felt this was a huge injustice to women, not only did they have a child who needed extra help in life, but they were also being blamed for the condition. It was believed that the babies were suffering from infantile schizophrenia, due to lack of cuddles and love from their mothers, who were referred to as refrigeration mothers.

Thank goodness for Dr Bernard Rimland, who wrote a book in 1965, which explained that the child's condition was physiological, rather than psychological, and they were simply born that way.

This inspired me to write the story of Laura, and her autistic son Matthew,, and how she battles to have her son recognised for who he is, rather than how society expects him to be, at a time when unmarried mothers, and autism were frowned upon. Although it is a work of fiction, I have based some of the situations, not only on my son's behaviour, but also on incidents that have occurred with children with autism that I have had dealings with. This book is entitled THE POWER OF LOVE

My new Novel

My latest novel is different again. I have always been fascinated by identical twins, particularly when their characters can be so different. Diana and Rachel have been orphaned at the age of 8, and as we are introduced to them, it become apparent that Rachel, the more placid and mature twin has coped with the loss better than her sister Diana, who indulges in attention seeking behaviour.

As they grow up, and take up separate careers, it is clear that Rachel has used her intelligence to work hard, and get herself a well paid job, whereas Diana thinks her future lies within the arts, and amid much competition, strives to be an actress.

So when they both become pregnant by the same man, and one of them has been raped, that is when the true character is formed. We can see which twin makes a success of her life and why.This story is further complicated by the fact that one of them has her baby abducted from hospital shortly after its birth.. There are 3 possible culprits for the police to investigate. Will the baby ever be found, and justice done? The answer lies within the pages of ONE MOMENT OF MADNESS.

My new book will be published on Amazon on 6th April, and if anyone wants to contact me about any of my work, you can reach me on Facebook. I love having feedback.

My thanks to Youtube for the Gareth Gates video, the others are my own. The images are also my own.

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I am a proud mother and grandmother, and an author. I have had 7 books published. My hobbies are walking, swimming, and playing badminton. I try to raise more awareness of autism with my writing.

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Thank you for the moderation and star Peter.

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7th Apr 2018 (#)

Lovely to read and listen to you dear Carol .
I pray your new novel will be a great success and go all round the world .
God bless you
Stella xx
ps How do I befriend you on Facebook ?

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Oh bless you Streela, thanks so much. On facebook you type in Carol Creasey, and then add friend. I will see if I can find you. xx

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sorry edit Stella xx

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