A Price

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Yes we are paying a terrible price for our misconception of a better quality life

A Price

How can on determine the feature of success
Can it be measured by the amount of thing possessed?
Or by another method that leaders are often using
Saying that the people in the nation have a better standard of living

There is no doubt that many people strive for a while
To be able to afford what they perceived to be a certain life style
And so raking that trip flying on those wings of a loan
So that they can depict to the others the things they own

And so now having acquired what they desired to have it made
Feeling very good about the part they played in the façade
So these can provide assistance in the house even more
Hence the children are relieved of performing any chore

Let’s face it as human being we have muscles in specific location
And they are not there for any form of decoration or attraction
But require some form of exercise no matter what periodically
So that by working they cannot fall victim to atrophy

Also too we seem to pay little respect by our departure
Because we seem to have lapse in our relationship with nature
Because by our doings seem to take such great contentment
In contributing to the regular destruction of the environment

Now in an era where thing can be bought and delivered easily
And so encourages a life style that has become quite sedentary
That has cause such an upsurge in the amount of chronic disease
And also too cancer this can bring to the mind very little ease

But also too this have jeopardize the future our children
It can be seen that at an early age they have the problem
Ailments like diabetes, hypertension and the afore mention complain
And there is no doubt that the progenitor should shoulder this blame

Look too we are now seem to be put lots of our will
Upon the apparent miracles that can be in pill
So we have cast nature aside played havoc with our surroundings
And want to pop a pill to be able to cure any of those diseases

But that irony here and with it such great uncertainty and fear
That touted better quality of life came at price so very dear
Because in this state many seem to be dying
And we by or doings are certainly contributing


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
8th Jun 2014 (#)

many truths herein...thank you

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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
8th Jun 2014 (#)

Yes rrefreshing

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