A Question for God

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As a Christian my faith is very important to me, but I often find it difficult to follow God when I see so much pain in this world. I have a question for God.

Yürüme- to walk: A Turkish Poem

Dear God,
I yearn to take steps, but I often fall
I read your words, but can’t hear your call

They say your words came like rushing wind
Or were spoken through prophets which starvation thinned

Your presence was seen like a fire in the sky
And a black cloud covered your people so no more would die

Yet why O God do you feel so far away?
Is it that my sin has led me astray?

You once spoke through an ass’ mouth
Yet you have not called to me since my life went south

I see the world in one still frame
Lives filled with misery in your cruel game

On the streets many lie hungry and poor
They'd rather die than know what life had in store

Women on the streets must sell their bodies
As America promotes the injustice of the richest Saudis

I yearn to ask you why the world is this way
I see agony painted in bright colors of decay

I want to ask you so very many questions
But I know you would merely deny me my insurrections

I want to walk, but the world’s sorrows have me buckled at the knees
I crumple beneath the weight of the slightest breeze

Out of the storm you spoke to your servant Job
And on him placed the bulk of creation’s globe

This though I do have to say
And if it is your will, smite me if you may

Dear God,
I realize I was not there for the making of the world.
But God,
You are not here while your creation is unfurled

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