A Script of a Traitor

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A script that could have earned a million in selling copies had ruined the lives of many. It was simple and intriguing, but wicked and terrifying to most people.

A Script of a Traitor

It is inevitable for people of different walks of life to be held together in different places such as school, workplace, leisure area, and the like. They interact accordingly for a harmonious relationship in the society. Why not? That is an individual’s role in the society; sane enough to react appropriately under any circumstances for human are rational beings – capable to think, analyze and generate ideas base on logic. However, in every rule there is always an exception. Though it may be seldom or rare to encounter a person incapable to intellectualize, still this kind of person exists.

Here is a script of a traitor who once caused a huge trouble in the company she was assigned in as an agency coordinator.

She was in a resort and spa tasked to supposedly lead her people. Given the title – coordinator, she was supposed to be a role model to everyone under the manpower agency. But in an instance, the bomb she made suddenly exploded and had revealed the ugly truth of her mask. Victims were shocked, surprised, and disappointed by her and her well fabricated script.

Miss Congeniality – that was what she was known before. However, for the period of time that she was in a relationship with the people were also the period she had planned and prepared for stabbing each other’s back. Her script was as lovely as her smiles, but not as saleable as the characters she used.

Spread from one person to the rest, she inconsistently retold her stories. A beautiful love story between her and an employee awakened the sleeping awareness of a lot of people toward intrigues and rumors.

In her first day in the hotel and resort, this sporty guy had this so-called love at first sight to her. Without hesitancy, he showed to her his deep affection and invited her for a date. That was in the 16th of April when they went to a singing room to have fun. Tamed and seemingly intoxicated by the sweetness of her voice singing, their love had sparked tremendously and burnt fire from their bodily desires. Love was on the air.

Like a love story from a movie, there were times when Mr. Sporty waited her over for a ride amidst the heavy rain outside. It was so romantic to imagine. According to her, they had exchanged cell phones, had slept on each other’s bed, she had washed and cleaned his clothes, and stayed for quite few days in his flat. They shared moments of love, togetherness, foods, things, and a lot more. She felt so special, but like the rest of the love stories, there were moments of downfall and heartaches. To her colleagues’ surprise, in the middle of their mocking-over to one lady office mate, Miss Timekeeper, linked to Mr. Sporty, a guy colleague shared a blind item about a lady who phoned him over last night when he was about to have a date. She was crying telling him that she saw her boyfriend holding hands with another girl while walking. From Miss New’s point of view, the lady in the story was Miss Coordinator.

She already had the hunch. At some point Ms. Coordinator finally revealed her secret and shared her life story to her. Why not? She was seemingly pregnant and had been seeking guidance and advice from Miss New, a nurse by profession. Considered as a friend, Miss New tried to help her to know her status. She treated her as one true friend just like what Ms. Timekeeper did, but that was something she regretted in the end.

Finally, the time had come when she heard how the bad rumors she spread about Miss Timekeeper, her so-called best friend, but said to be a trying hard hooker of Mr. Sporty, affected the relationship of the people in her whole department. She was amazed by the huge chaos. In their front, Ms. Coordinator was nothing, but an angel, but at their back, she was trying to bump each other's ideas, opinions, and minds, making them fight with each other. She was even more surprised to know that there were more than these three people involved, and that the rumors had spread to all the departments. Wow! Amazingly a good press relation officer. In a matter of a second, she could spread one story to everyone. The guy colleague tried to help her by stalking around Miss Timekeeper trying to know whom she was texting to. He sent her several emails which made the Timekeeper curious about something fishy going on. Alas! She was pissed off and asked the guy colleague about what exactly was going on. But seemingly like an angel, she still played the best role she could in her front. She acted very well. But without their knowing, she was spreading bad rumors about the guy colleague to Miss New, Mr. Sporty, Mr. Finance, and Miss Timekeeper. On the other hand, she also made Miss Timekeeper a bad person in the eyes of the guy colleague. As well, in the eyes of her friends, it was Mr. Sporty who was nothing, but a beast who jilted her off after making love. As friends, the people who had heard the story phoned Mr. Sporty to ask why he hurt her. But to their surprise, the guy was innocent and knew nothing about the said issue. He was never her lover and totally denied everything she said. She was only (maybe intentionally) misinterpreting things. That was the turning point and the final touch to explode the bomb. She tried to settle the issue with avoidance and acting as if nothing happened. You could never see in her actions, and words tense of lying. As if she had practiced it very well. But if you look in her eyes as she speaks, you could see the inconsistency and incongruency of her stories.

With the thought in her mind that it was all settled, she diverted people's attention to another rumor about Miss New and Mr. Sporty 2. Wow! The newly fabricated seemed so true. Since they were together one night for a fun in the swimming pool, she immediately sent the Timekeeper crazy messages about some issues she fabricated in her mind. Well explained in psychology, sometimes there are things we expect or think over that could also be what we see because of the strong mind power. She made issues regarding both of them whom she considered friends and who treated her as one good friend. After the sharing of cellphone, laptop, foods, drinks, stories, sentiments, empathy, and the rest. That was the best she could do. She was amazingly the worse script writer Miss New had ever met. In a few days, almost everyone in the company knew about the story. With such shameless face, who told Miss New that she wouldn't ever spread such rumor in the company because it might be misinterpreted by people, she broke her own offered promise. Wow! Just as she expected she exaggerated things. When Miss New found it out, she immediately asked the people she was with that night to know from whom it came from. Unsurprisingly, it came from the worst scriptwriter. Why not? Together with Miss Timekeeper, they set her up to know if she's really the one responsible for the degrading rumors. Well, she didn't expect she was on a setup. She innocently replied she made the story and told three people in the company after that night out. Feeling the excitement to confront her, Miss New was thinking about suing her for the degrading issue she made. With the full support of her family and friends, she was indeed ready to summon her. However, it was Miss Assistant who somehow felt pity, and suggested her to just settle things at work. The HR assistant who was pregnant, but was also not excluded from the bad rumors she spread. Imagine how she spread the news that the father of her baby was no other than the boss. How insane that girl was?

They all thought she was only doing such unprofessionalism at the company, but after hearing the feedback, she also acted like a boss, so proud to resign from the agency because she was about to be hired in the company as a secretary. She expected much and much from it when she was scheduled for an interview. Right! It was an interview, but a panel interview facing all the characters of her made-up stories. Really shameless girl, who said in front of Miss New and Mr. Sporty 2 that it was the guy who told her something happened between them. Facing Sporty 2, Miss New was shocked giving him the chance to talk, but he was innocent and reprimanded Miss Coordinator for the rumor she made. Well, finally, Sporty 2 admitted that after that night it was Miss Coordinator who invited him over her flat to sleep. Wow! No wonder they heard about the issue from the previous resort she was assigned into. She managed to make love with a married guy in the resort and was caught doing so. It ruined the couple's lives. Maybe that was her goal in life, a ruiner.

Finally, the panel interview was scheduled. The boss was fair enough to have asked her the chance to talk whether all the accusations were true or not. She merely defended herself with a lame excuse - all she said were nothing, but a joke. What? A joke? A joke of a lifetime? A joke that could ruin people's lives? She was the girl who never knew how to empathize. She was the girl who never knew what respect, credibility, and professionalism were.

Loser as she was, she was asked to go home, and was banned at the company. Actually, not the first company to have banned her. Maybe the third one.

While telling her lovely script to everyone, she was giggling and smiling that no one could ever think it was merely a fraud.

Furthermore, she didn't only invite a few of the Sporty guys to her flat. There were more than people expected. Another one had admitted how she invited him over her flat. Another one from a different department also voiced out how she managed to get in his room and laid on his bed as if seducing him. Well, there were more than those, but only a few had their voices heard. Angelic, but a demon she was. A coordinator, yet a user. No wonder she applied in one specific area of the company. She had a bet to this newly hired guy. Oh, she just couldn't settle with one man. She just couldn't wait for one to invite her. She had to make her moves. Such a pitiful desperate girl.

But life is so unfair. She was no longer there, but the stories and pain remained. Miss New shed tears for couple of days when she was chased by the gay bosses whom she respected much before. But she failed with her expectations. They were of the same feathers of former colleague. Filthy and unreliable. Leader as people called them to be. But after the comments they made, issues they had, and actions they showed, they seemed not worthy to be called such. But it was okay. A lot of people from different departments were there to comfort and believe her. There was nothing to worry about, as said by her boyfriend and one very good friend, Miss Finance. They were right about it. Who cares about what unworthy people said? They're never a part of her life. They're merely ugly designs passing by.


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