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This note to the readers explains in brief the purpose of our presence on the net.

The Purpose of Our Articles Explained

TWO HILLS, Alberta, Canada, November 20, 2004, by Reni Sentana-Ries.

When the time came for compiling my short internet articles, dealing with all issues of public interest, and revealing the key to the restoration of paradise, I decided to present the short essays in near chronological order. In that way the reader’s mind will not become overwhelmed with comprehensive studies on any single issue, but will enjoy the ongoing switching of topics, without wearing down the mind’s attention span.

All articles were written for the purpose of...

- revealing the hidden agenda of today’s war mongers,
- revealing the key aspects to Paradise (minus the pathway to it)
- giving guidance to national and world leaders for restoring paradise to the people under their care,
- dealing with the fallacy of democracy, capitalism, religion, and the money system, and - informing the people of the fact that the prophets have come to restore back to them their long lost paradise.

Democracy Rides on the Horse of Tyranny

It may have come as a surprise to many that I have denounced the system of democracy, for it is the vehicle whereby the Hidden Hand runs roughshod over the nations. Democracy paves the way for the establishment of a Fifth-Column power over elected leaders, where the people have no input in the running of their country for as long as “elected” leaders implement the dictates of powerful financial interests, consisting of debauched, real, and unelected rulers of this world.

The only real power democracy’s leaders have is the power make war on other nations, an activity which invariably bears the endorsement of the hidden ruling aristocracy of finance. The justification here being war creating consumption for profit, as well as more unrepayable debts for national taxpayers.

We Have Arrived at the Equinox of Earth's Time

Translate the above illustration for an eqinox into the Equinox of eras we have arrived at (which is the one we are speaking of) and we will then realize the critical time slot for mankind's evolution. Therefore let us not miss our personal shift in conscious awareness of understanding universal realities, for that is needed in order to survive the Equinox of the eras.

The end of the world is upon us as the starship commanders retract their tractor beams on this planet, resulting in earth’s rotational wobble. Earth has already lost its sound ecological balance. It is too late to reverse the trend of our melting polar ice caps.

We are at an Equinox where non-compliance with the expectations of the Commanders of the Federation of Free Planets hurls the rebellious in spirit back to the beginnings of man’s evolutionary ladder, and this for the purpose of having them learn all unlearned lessons all over again.

Frightful to contemplate, for in essence it means for them another series of endless incarnations in misery, until after eons of time another Equinox re-emerges to give them a new opportunity for a way out of the cycle of wickedness. This is not religious doctrine, it is fact from the arsenal of universal reality.

Autocratic rule can restore paradise to the people, for the creation of a paradise is a conscious effort only accomplishable by thinking, enlightened, and empowered men and women.

In other words: Restoration of paradise can only occur from the top down through the dictates of autocratic enlightened rulers under the guidance of prophets, who are unencumbered by today’s shrewd financial manipulators coaxing elected leaders from one disaster to another.

Protection for the Prophets of Today is a Mandatory Prerequisite to Restoring Paradise

November 2011: While individual enlightened autocratic leaders may be able to create an economic climate comparable to that of a paradisiacal economic order, it cannot however be done like that on a GLOBAL scale.

If the challenge is to re-introduce this planet into the community of the Federation of Free Planets, then true prophets must give guidance, prophets which can telepathically communicate with starship commanders in the firmament. For those prophets to succeed under current conditions of world deterioration, an ironclad military-type protection is needed for their safety.

The example of Libya teaches us that under today's diabolical world authority national leaders are still being destroyed which have a heart for the welfare of their people. This activity needs to stop.

There is only one power in the world today with the means to stop the deliberate destruction of nations: THE MILITARY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA which until now has been at the forefront of destroying nations, as the real power controlling the Pentagon is one of pure evil. When the time comes for the military men to rediscover, that the main purpose for their existence is not the bullying of nations, but the PROTECTION OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE, then we are one step closer to being able to reestablish paradise back onto this earth.

We know what this world must look like in order to become accepted back into the community of the free planets. We also know how to reform this planet to make it acceptable for membership. The pathway to it will for now remain undisclosed.

That information we will not release until the U. S. Military has secured our safety as a friendly ally.

See freeearthsystem.net


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author avatar Reni Sentana-Ries
My ideal is to awaken all national leaders and all people under their care equally to the fact that we as a human family have arrived at the crossroad to a New Era.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
19th Mar 2013 (#)

I am sure you run into a lot of opposition. People in the states (I am an American living in Canada) are taught as young children that there is not much more shameful than being unpatriotic and many do not see clearly the full picture of the USA, they defend it, for right or wrong. They refuse to admit that the USA is not perfect, but sadly by doing so they negate any ability to improve the nation.

I do not wish to sound negative to my country, or people, it is ultimately American policy which many people dislike - not America or Americans themselves.

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author avatar Reni Sentana-Ries
19th Mar 2013 (#)

Thank you, Mark, for the comment. Seila and I do not have a problem with the American people, no, their country is being run by a force hostile to every aspect of human decency. Their entire govenmental apparatus has succumbed to elements working in oneness to create misery for all people everywhere, not only Americans, and the Pentagon's actions are a reflection of that fact.

The American public has been effectively dumbed down by media corporations disloyal to every aspect of true American patriotism, and should some Americans for that reason turn against what we speak in public here, then the coporate, centrally-controlled media has won the war for the hearts and minds of those people. We call that process "media brain-washing."

We cannot be "patriotic" when the powers which run Washington with their policies undermine all good reasons for which people would normally be proud of their country for, and in this area the people of the United States have little left to be patriotic about.

I am sad for the Americans, and beyond their country, for all people of this planet, for they all have been so severly duped and enslaved by powers from which this whole world will have to become eventually cleansed, and as far as I can see, it will probably be by force.

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author avatar Reni Sentana-Ries
20th Mar 2013 (#)

I am glad to make your acquaintance, Zarathruster, and thank you for the read and your appreciation. I will certainly keep an eye out on your articles of "incarnations in misery."

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author avatar Buzz
19th Mar 2013 (#)

Who we lose in the process getting the truth across is not our loss but theirs. It's more than enough that you and Seila, both my friends, have done the utmost in reaching out to the world regardless of whether they heed the truth or not. That will be up to them, the cynical.

Reply to this comment

author avatar Reni Sentana-Ries
20th Mar 2013 (#)

Thank you for the comment, Buzz. Yes, we are here to give the people the opportunity to inform themselves of a reality no one else has brought to their attention. What they do with it is up to them. Thank you for helping in this effort.

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author avatar Ptrikha
21st Mar 2013 (#)

It is unlikely that people would rise above their mundane thinking and think in these terms and try to make the planet a better place to live in.

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author avatar Reni Sentana-Ries
4th Aug 2015 (#)

Thank you all for your fine and positive comments. :)

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