A Situation

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Yes there is always those changes that can alter one position

A Situation

Many times there is occurrence that support that inference
That in living one may be quite willing to strike that balance
So at times when we see and admire people living in apparent luxury
They had to give up something to attain such so satisfactorily

So those times when we leave some things in the hands of some leader
There can be that conclusion that they will make some things better
But what may have looked so good will show that we have been hoodwinked
Because of not being privy to much and never took the time out to think

In this era and age where there is such an exposure to lots of information
Are we as people have that reflection that we are in a better situation
And certainly in this period where there is an abundance of education and qualification
So too have we seen the increase in functional illiterates coming more in the open

So as that saying goes that nature tend to abhor a vacuum
Could it be that now we are hit by such a very serious recession
That this is the way to try to make that shift in the blatant differential
And in a way by shifting the balance and make things seem equitable

Yes the statistics shows that countries both powerful and small
In the arms of this depression have been subjected to a great fall
Who could remember when they stood in the seat of such financial power?
Now with the ones they wanted control have now to cower

Those people who tend to favor work which has the label of blue collar
Thinking that for a profession they would not do in anyway another
Now they look on and see that those whose are blessed with certain skills
Are the ones who have the right medication for these financial ills?

This is the message that should be sent to those many children
That they should in some show respect for those who preceded them
So that they will know what they are now enjoyed and take for granted
Is the fruits from the tree whom they may neglect have planted


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20th Jul 2013 (#)

Yes things are really delicately poised

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