A Song of Mysoul

Brad Johnson By Brad Johnson, 9th May 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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This is a song of myself poem (formatted off of Walt Whitman's Songs of Myself).

My Song

I celebrate myself, and sing myself

For when I am dead and gone my song will stop, and my words will cease

Everything I yearned to create and desired to build will fall

The dreams never fulfilled will fall like petals of a flower dipping, dropping, drooping in the wind as they release their grip on their home

Everything I am will soon die and decay leaving the world that needed change drastically the same

Here and there word of me will dwindle until it is nothing more than whispering of the wind

The man of solemn serenities that merely wanted peace

The man that longed for a world long forgotten

A world through a looking glass that was shattered with the mouthful of a mistaken fruit

I see the pain within the stoic’s eye, behind the vacant smile

I see hope in the advent of a grin

I see the resurrection that forgiveness brings

I stand incredulous in the shadow of your self-doubt

I yearn to be David, Noah, Luther, and Paul

I desire to be Jesus; the Savior of the world

My pride is my thorn and self-reliance my bonds

By the Grace of God though, I am what I am

Yet… I am none of these things

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
10th May 2013 (#)

Profound poem, Brad. We all leave sooner or later and the time frame here is not up to us. We have our dreams and would like a better world to bequeath. For that we lend our shoulders to the wheel and not put spokes in between. Though we depart we do leave indelible impressions in the sand of time. And can send blessings when our life here was treated as a blessing! siva

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author avatar Brad Johnson
10th May 2013 (#)

Thank you for your comment Siva, that was beautifully said. I appreciate the support!

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author avatar D L Johnson
12th May 2013 (#)

You write with wisdom like the Old Man who sits by the Sea !
Your young and time is on your side. You are a new Messenger
In this world , you know he hears your prayers and in our lifetime and yours you will need to always scratch the surface . You are a good man , who will be remembered and you will walk with Kings .

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