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This page is about my personal experience during a long meditation


Hi friends, I wish you luck and unlimited good health and prosperity for life. Almost 6 years ago, I had an unbelievable experience while I was meditating. I am going to share that experience in as clear and elaborate way as possible, although I don’t remember some of the minute details.


First of all I thank my almighty God who gave me this wonderful life. He is mine, he is yours, and he is everyone’s friend. And his blessings are equal to everyone, from the minutest micro-organism to the most giant being on planet. Then, I thank my parents who gave me birth; they are the ones who appreciate my spiritual and honest character which makes me their pride and success in many ways than one.

A Brief Past

When I was 9, I used to make small clay statues of different Hindu. My parents and even outsiders who saw the statues used to appreciate it because of its beauty and precision. I literally used to feel my life inside a statue of a Deity once it was complete.
But God has his own ways of testing our devotion in him. Along with my spiritual behavior I got a few vices too which blocked the path to true wisdom. Without proper knowledge and tactics, I couldn’t get out of these vices. But my devotion was still strong.

My Spiritual Experience

So, a few years later in life when I was about 16, I started meditating on the name of God. It was year 2007 and I was in 10th grade at that time and my final board exams were near. During exam days I kept practicing Pranayam breathing exercises and meditation.
During my meditation I found various interesting things which played a crucial role during ones meditation. In the beginning a lot of thoughts bugged my mind and I couldn’t meditate freely. When I tried to clear my mind and meditate, I started feeling dizzy after sometime and my head started bobbing. After a few days practice, I finally could clear my mind and it is very interesting how I did it. I stopped bothering about the thoughts that came to my mind. I just let them come and I concentrated on the name of God ‘Waheguru’ or ‘Aum’ along with it. After some time my mind became clearer.
In the beginning I was able to meditate for about 15 minutes. After a few days I could meditate for about 30 minutes twice daily. Slowly, it became a habit. And then, I started to meditate for an hour daily. I started meditating in early morning and before bedtime. This way I could remember my feelings during my previous meditation and I could improvise.
I started getting benefits from my meditation. My initial benefits were that I was able to concentrate more on studies, my memory power increased, my cuts and wounds healed faster, my blood circulation became better, I became more energetic and happier 
Apart from these benefits, I wanted a specific benefit from my meditation. I loved my Science subject. I used to meditate just before opening my Science book or notes. And I really used to enjoy this. I had a wish that I should get at least 75 marks in my 10th grade boards in Science subject.
At 9 PM, one day before my Science theory board exam, I was constantly meditating on a very beautiful Shabad from Sri Guru Granth Saahib. I kept chanting the Shabad in sets of 5 repetitions for several times. I don’t exactly remember how many times I repeated the Holy Shabad during my meditation, but after 30 minutes or an hour, the sounds in my surrounding environment including cars passing by, workers doing some minor construction, the television in other room, became slow and very low… as if someone had lessened the volume of the surrounding environment… I was in a very peaceful, calm and clear state of mind. I was in deep meditation, and during this calm meditative state of mind I felt as if some divine force is giving answer to my prayers that I will get desired marks in my exams. An image of 75 marks was made in my mind. Next day, I gave my Science theory exam peacefully. When I came home, I checked my question paper and estimated that I will get at least 65 marks if not more and the good thing was, I was satisfied with it. When our board results were out, I was totally astonished and spellbound on seeing my marks. I saw that I had got exactly 75 marks in my Science and 74, 73, etc. in other subjects. I didn’t get less than 70 marks in almost all subjects. This was totally unexpected. I couldn’t believe this as I was an average student scoring around 50 to 60 marks, but this was a proud moment for me. I felt proud that my God almighty is with me. Although I don’t have the proper words to describe what I felt during that spiritual experience, I wanted to share this experience for a very long time now, and I have done it today.
Today when I think about this unique incident I feel that much more can be achieved with help of a calm spiritual state of mind. I also want people who lack behind to move forward with the help of meditation and deep breathing.

Personal Note

If you want to know in which way I practiced my meditation and got benifits from it, I have provided a link at the bottom which will take you to my other page which describes step wise process of this meditation. It is so easy and simple that you can do it by yourself.
I hope you enjoyed the my personal experience. There are many other gracious things in my life which I would like to share and I am preparing them. Until then, see ya!

follow this link: Meditation and Peaceful Mind can Benefit for Desired Results in Exams

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th Jun 2013 (#)

Interesting and useful share, Sandeep. Not only us but the whole world will look better if we all took some time to meditate in our own way - siva

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author avatar Myst3ri0us Sandeep
1st Jul 2013 (#)

Thanks :)

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author avatar Myst3ri0us Sandeep
1st Jul 2013 (#)

Thanks Shiva :)

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